RRT Raif's Talon dsm GT42r w/tial housing start up

rrt talon

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Knockoff TiAL MVS Tested
Video testing the durability of a knockoff TiAL wastegate, the wastegate was broken right out of the box (wouldn't hold pressure) and the unit could not be installed if the valve seat was inserted because of poor machining - so in truth the wastegate could not have been used on a car at all. The video is at 8x speed, the video is 47 min long compressed into about 6 min. the wastegate only lasted a bit over 42 min on the test bench - around 6,200 cycles.

1g AWD TalonTSi Drag Start up GT42r
1g AWD TalonTSi Start up GT42r. First start up. Mobile Electronics and Performance, Tuscaloosa, Alabama 205 554-1554. 42r

DSM Big Turbo Talon GT42R Startup
She's Alive!!

AWD GT42R Spyder Idle
3 year build finally runs, sounds ten times better in person