0-60 2008 Chevy Colorado LT 2.9 Inline 4

*Edit!* I not longer have this truck, Mine was a lemon apparently and had nothing but electrical problems. This is my 2008 colorado, I was bored and made this because I can anyways enjoy

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Driving then Hard Acceleration
Very Bored leaving my neighborhood so I thought I would do something somewhat fun lol. Mods: Performance Chip and thats it guys

2008 Chevy Colorado P0017 Stalling, LOW DIRTY OIL? CHANGE IT!
Diagnosing a 2008 Colorado, for an intermittent stalling condition... Why it is important to change your oil regularly!

Chevy colorado 2.9l rev

2008 Chevy Colorado 2.9l vs 2002 Mustang GT 4.6
He won but I beat him halfway down the track.