0-60 2008 Chevy Colorado LT 2.9 Inline 4

*Edit!* I not longer have this truck, Mine was a lemon apparently and had nothing but electrical problems. This is my 2008 colorado, I was bored and made this because I can anyways enjoy

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Driving then Hard Acceleration
Very Bored leaving my neighborhood so I thought I would do something somewhat fun lol. Mods: Performance Chip and thats it guys

2008 Chevy Colorado 2.9l vs 2002 Mustang GT 4.6
He won but I beat him halfway down the track.

2008 Chevy Colorado P0017 Stalling, LOW DIRTY OIL? CHANGE IT!
Diagnosing a 2008 Colorado, for an intermittent stalling condition... Why it is important to change your oil regularly!

Chevy colorado 2.9l rev