0-60 2008 Chevy Colorado LT 2.9 Inline 4

*Edit!* I not longer have this truck, Mine was a lemon apparently and had nothing but electrical problems. This is my 2008 colorado, I was bored and made this because I can anyways enjoy

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Like a Rock
Yes I am a big Chevy Boy and I own a Chevy and I will always love Chevy. Tribute to Chevy Trucks over the years.

2008 Chevy Colorado P0017 Stalling, LOW DIRTY OIL? CHANGE IT!
Diagnosing a 2008 Colorado, for an intermittent stalling condition... Why it is important to change your oil regularly!

2015 z71 chevy Colorado with trifecta tune 0-60
via YouTube Capture

Tuned 08 chevy colorado 3.7L acceleration vid (shift points set too high)
just wait till the 4.10's go in and the temps and humidity drop.... 13's in the 1/4 mile easily! Still need to datalog the wideband.