330d custom exhaust

3" custom Exhaust stainless steel

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DB-Performance 330d CSL Sportauspuff
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330d decat and exhaust
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330d Brutal CSL Eigenbau auspuff DB-Performance
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E46 330d straight through 2.5" exhaust
I bought the car like this. Supplier/cost unknown. Not sure I'd choose to buy it again, although I'm in no rush to remove it. 2.5" straight from the turbo to twin tail pipes. No silencers or cats. Car is a 2003 204bhp manual with a remap. It's loud outside (I don't think the camera captures the volume too well - it's only a Nikon D600's internal mic. that was used), but pretty refined inside. It's not drone-y until over 2,000rpm, so you can cruise at UK motorway speeds without any problems. Turn the radio one and you can't hear it at all. In normal driving it's fine, although there is a sudden bark at 2.5k which can be embarrassing in town.