VG Valiant Regal 770 Hardtop 360ci

This cranky 360ci VG Valiant 770 Hardtop is a wicked sounding beast and it doesn't look too bad either. A ground up resto that my mate spent the good part of 3 years to rebuild and you'd be safe to say that it's a job well done.

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VG Valiant Hardtop
This is my Valiant after a 2 1/2 year build up.

VG Hardtop 318
1970 VG hardtop, 318 v8, lumpy cam, awesome custom Exhaust - neat n clean

VG Valiant Hardtop taking off.
My Val taking off up the road.

Valiant VG hardtop 408 stroker
First start up with 408 from Proformance Unlimited