10.61@127.9 Eagle Talon Milan FP68HTA

My name is Larry Koren and this is my eagle talon. It has a stock engine and stock auto tranny running 10.61 on 24.5x8x15 slicks (11.08 street tires). I have a FP68hta turbo and am running e85.

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DSM FP 68HTA - 11.33 @121.26 MPH!
My best run so far! 1g dsm auto swapped... Full Weight, but it's time for some weight reduction to get a little quicker!

pie's HTA68 2g - 11.6 @ 118
My first ever 11 second passes in Zombie!! And my first night WOT shifting her, too! Almost time to get booted and caged. Still loving the fact that every part of my drive train is intact still - axles, tranny, drive shaft, transfer case... All of the parts are the same parts that came in the car when I bought her. Mint.

DSM 92 gsx eclipse
don't be fooled by a little turbo and stock appearance

hta68 dsm
built 9:1 motor with meth inj. and 33lbs of Boost.