92 Accord Turbo Compilation

a collection of clips from my CB7 accord G22 turbo. 530whp pump fuel 18psi Meyagi Tuned! * motor is sleeved with an 88mm bore, CP/Carrillo internals, fully built and ported head, 1200cc injectors. Tuned on CROME. Car was built/tuned by myself on a budget, no sponsors (no mommy and daddy $) Car is built to take the abuse, its been running strong for 2+ years, seeing rev limit every day, and all clips that were shot on the road are on 17" street tires. Track clips are on 26" MT drag radials..... Thanks for watching, -Meyagi

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92 Honda Accord turbo project
Slideshow of the progress of my Cb7

Turbo Honda Sleeper - Test Drive
7lb Wastegate Spring, 7.1 Peak Boost in the Controllers Settings. Stock Internals F22A6 with 283,000 miles on it. T4 turbo & Full Interior with No weight Reduction. 89-Octane Fuel. Test Passes on a Damp Street. ----------------------------------------- What do you think it will run? ----------------------------------------- BEFORE the turbo: 0-60: 9.65 seconds 0-100: unknown. 1/8: 10.55 seconds 1/4: unknown turbo with 7lbs Wastegate & Controller: 0-60: 8.18 seconds 0-100: 20.5 Seconds 1/8: 10.66 seconds 1/4: 16.10 seconds I know.... it was faster in the 1/8 mile? (on a DRY road with No Tire Spin, yes it was) It should be faster than this.. Can I go Full Boost, and give it all it's Got? Sure I can squeeze more out of it... If I wanted to risk blowing it up. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------- UPDATE: After several Months of Daily Driving, it stopped smoking. I can only assume that the only reason it was doing it, is because there was too much oil in the engine.

Honda Accord IV CB7 - JDM USDM Tribute # Film 3
music: mstrkrft - neon knights

1992 Honda Accord JDM H22A Powered w/ LSD Transmission
1992 Honda Accord JDM H22A Powered w/ LSD Transmission http://www.freedom.tm/via/jorge