It's easy to rip off someone's old Chrysler vehicle!

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Dodge Truck Rescue
According to the owner, the truck was parked on the boat ramp and slipped out of gear. It rolled down the ramp into the Barren River and floated about 100 to 200 yards down river before sinking in about 15 foot of water. It was found with all four tires down.

2011 F250 Break In
This is my 2011 F250. It was broke into and I'm making this video to show you just how easy it is and that the factory alarm is pretty much worthless. If I had shut the door before the alarm went off, it wouldn't have gone off at all. If you're a future thief of a vehicle, you will get what's coming to you. What goes around comes around. The $30 digital camera you stole from my truck is not worth your life.

How to steal a truck
One of our company trucks got stolen, but luckily we had gps tracking devices in them and recovered it the next day. This is the procedure the criminals used to take the truck. This was the basic process of what happened, but I left out a couple important steps, as to not aide in any criminal behavior.

How to steal GM / Comment voler un GM
Testing the passloc system before salvage .... Mise a l'épreuve du systeme de sécurité passloc avant la feraille ...