VW Type 4 turbo engine at the rolling road dyno

Stock type 4 914 2.0 engine with EFI, large Intercooler and suby turbo: 222 hp @ 5350 rpm and 225 lbs.ft or 305Nm torque

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David Gorsage's 2600cc Type 4 Engine
2600cc Type 4 street motor going into a very clean 1979 VW Bus. Build and installation will be done at Powerhaus in Torrance, Ca. and getting shipped back to David in Illinois.

Renovated VW 411 in Sweden. FOR SALE (SOLD)

VW Bug with 2 Liter Type 4 engine and DTM Cooling
Here's the latest with what's going on with my bug! Switched from that porsche fan style cooling to Jake Raby's DTM cooling. Awesome craftsmanship! Watch it in HD!!!

Rebuilt VW Type 4 1700cc Engine For Sale
Everything is new or has been reconditioned on this engine. New pistons, cylinders, Exhaust valves, all seals and gaskets, polished heads, new plugs/wires, almost everything painted with a mix of engine enamel silver and black. Broke in with Comp Cam 10w30 break-in oil (high zinc/phosphorus content). Complete documentation of the rebuild included in a binder package including pictures of every step of the rebuild. PRICE: Longblock engine $2500 Minus $500 core deposit on your old engine (extra charge for tin if it's missing off of your old engine) Add $500 for a professional installation with your fuel system, alternator, distributor etc. includes complete tune-up. Thanks for looking! August 19th, 2013 Kamloops, BC Canada