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Audi RS6 MTM mit 535 PS Tracktest Motorvision

RS6 c5 MTM 535 KM


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Audi RS6: Walk around, Start-up, Drive Away and Flyby. 1080p HD/HQ
On our Holiday in Switzerland, our Audi had a problem with the turbo..so we had to go to an Audi service station. At the service station I filmed this amazing Audi RS6. As you can see its a very nice edition with the nice white paint and the awesome black rims. Whats your opinion? I couldnt film very long because the owner came back very soon. He left a nice Exhaust note when he left and he came back for me so I could film a Flyby. Enough talking. Enjoy the video and please rate ,leave a nice comment and subscribe! Thanks! Rjtdbf

778 PS 864Nm Audi RS6 by MRC Tuning
Manual Conversion, Twin gt30 turbos, FMIC, Audi C5 RS6 by MRC Tuning

RS6 0~320 2009 02 26
Sprintje tot 320 km/u

MTM Audi RS6 Clubsport: Tim Schrick bewegt den getunten Power-Kombi am Limit
MTM hat den alten Audi RS6 nach allen Regeln der Kunst getunt. Tim Schrick testet im Tiefschnee, ob die Maßnahmen erfolgreich waren.

BMW M5 vs. Audi RS6+ Matthias Malmedie & Tim Schrick ein extremes Duell
Obere Mittelklasse mit leistungsstarken Motoren - ein extremes Duell.

Driving an Audi RS6 MTM on the German Autobahn from 0-315 km/h. Thanks for watching. Please rate and leave a comment.

B5 RS4 with C5 RS6 V8 engine
Courtesy of rs-quattro.de these pictures and video highlight an awesome project of transplanting a C5 RS6 V8 engine into a B5 RS4 body.

Тест-драйв от Давидыча Audi Q7 V12 Patrick Hellmann
Благодарим за предоставленную Машину: Тюнинг Ателье http://www.winde.ru Обсуждение:http://smotra.ru/users/erik_davidych/blog/189597/ Инстаграмм:eric_davidich По вопросам Сотрудничества,Рекламы,Тестов eric@smotra.ru

Audi RS6 exhaust sound (MUST hear!!!)
Audi RS6 Exhaust with flaps.... "geöffnet" means they are open and "geschlossen" means they are closed. enjoy!!!

Audi RS6 avant drives away
Lekker zwaar geluid!!

Audi RS6R von MTM mit 730Ps mit irrer Beschleunigung
http://www.singleboerse-partnersuche.de - Kostenloser Vergleich & Test der Top 5 Single- & Partnerbörsen audi a4 rs6 audi a6 avant rs6 audi a6 s6 rs6 audi avant rs6 audi mtm rs6 audi mtm rs6 r audi rs6 audi rs6 0 audi rs6 0 100 audi rs6 0 200 audi rs6 2002 audi rs6 2003 audi rs6 2004 audi rs6 2005 audi rs6 2006 audi rs6 2007 audi rs6 2008 audi rs6 2009 audi rs6 4 2 audi rs6 4.2 audi rs6 450 audi rs6 450 ps audi rs6 5.0 audi rs6 580 audi rs6 580 ps audi rs6 700 audi rs6 700 ps audi rs6 700ps audi rs6 720 audi rs6 730 audi rs6 730 ps audi rs6 730ps audi rs6 750 audi rs6 750 ps audi rs6 alufelgen audi rs6 auspuff audi rs6 auspuffanlage audi rs6 avant audi rs6 avant 2002 audi rs6 avant 2008 audi rs6 avant 2009 audi rs6 avant 4.2 audi rs6 avant 5.0 audi rs6 avant 5.0 tfsi audi rs6 avant abt audi rs6 avant mtm audi rs6 avant plus audi rs6 avant tuning audi rs6 avant v10 audi rs6 avant video audi rs6 avant wallpaper audi rs6 bilder audi rs6 biturbo audi rs6 bmw audi rs6 bmw m5 audi rs6 bremsanlage audi rs6 bremse audi rs6 bremsen audi rs6 c6 audi rs6 cabrio audi rs6 clubsport audi rs6 combi audi rs6 coupe audi rs6 crash audi rs6 daten audi rs6 datenblatt audi rs6 diesel audi rs6 drc audi rs6 felgen audi rs6 forum audi rs6 fotos audi rs6 gebraucht audi rs6 getriebe audi rs6 höchstgeschwindigkeit audi rs6 kaufen audi rs6 lamborghini audi rs6 leasing audi rs6 limo audi rs6 limosine audi rs6 limousine audi rs6 manual audi rs6 mieten audi rs6 motor audi rs6 mtm audi rs6 mtm 730 audi rs6 mtm 730 ps audi rs6 mtm clubsport audi rs6 plus audi rs6 preis audi rs6 ps audi rs6 quattro audi rs6 r audi rs6 r avant audi rs6 rot audi rs6 s audi rs6 schwarz audi rs6 sedan audi rs6 sound audi rs6 tacho audi rs6 technische daten audi rs6 teile audi rs6 test audi rs6 testbericht audi rs6 tuning audi rs6 turbo audi rs6 unfall audi rs6 v10 audi rs6 v10 biturbo audi rs6 v8 audi rs6 v8 biturbo audi rs6 verbrauch audi rs6 video audi rs6 videos audi rs6 vmax audi rs6 vs audi rs6 vs bmw m5 audi rs6 wallpaper audi rs6 wallpapers audi rs6 weiss audi rs6 wei√ü audi rs6 white audi rs6 wiki audi rs6 youtube audi s6 rs6 beschleunigung audi rs6 bmw 130 bmw 130 0 bmw 130 cabrio bmw 130 coupe bmw 130 d bmw 130 diesel bmw 130 forum bmw 130 i bmw 130 i test bmw 130 m bmw 130 tuning bmw 130 vs chiptuning audi rs6 d motor audi rs6 dmax audi rs6 grip audi rs6 kicherer audi rs6 mtm audi rs6 r neuer audi rs6 original audi rs6 rs6 audi test audi rs6 avant test bmw 130 top gear audi rs6

Quattrolegende 2012 Walter Röhrl fährt den Gumpert Apollo
Walter Röhrl fährt den Gummiert Apollo S während der Quattrolegende 2012 am Rossfeld

E55 AMG W210 Vs AUDI RS6 BiTurbo V8 Chip Tuned 507 HP
E55 has ECU,Headers and Exhaust. AUDI RS6 has ECU tune and has around 507 HP

Audi R8 4.2l V8 ohne ESD / without exhaust
This Audi R8 4.2l V8 has no Exhaust and is really loud. We were working on this car and wanted to install a new sports Exhaust by Supersport.de when we decided to just let it run without the Exhaust. You like? Wir hatten gerade an dem Audi R8 gearbeitet, um in der Supersport-Werkstatt einen neuen Duplex-Endschalldämpfer einzubauen. Da kamen wir auch die Idee, die Flunder einfach mal ohne den Endschalldämpfer zu fahren. Hier ist das (laute) Ergebnis...

Fluid MotorUnion C5 RS6 Acceleration/Two-Step
What has been one of the longest FMU builds is finally out on the streets with the break-in tune, and it's performing fantastically. To show that, we made this video! The car in question is a Audi C5 RS6, featuring the following modifications: 034-Sourced Blueprinted Race Short Block KW Coilovers Forged Pistons + Rods 8.5:1 Compression TiAL 770 turbos Rennen Wheels + Custom Center Caps FMU Custom Full Exhaust FMU Custom 1600 hp Fuel System Electronic Boost Controller FMU Custom Tune Okada Projects Ignition Coils Ported Intake Manifold Intake Manifold + SwainTech Thermal Coating FMU Custom Phenolic Spacer Exhaust Manifold + SwainTech Thermal Coating FMU Custom Intake Powdercoated Valve Covers FMU Custom Catch Can + Crankcase Vacuum Venturi FMU Custom Oil + Transmission Coolers FMU Custom Intercooler Powdercoated Brakes You can tell it's a lot! With the current break-in tune (which we've set at a lower power level in order to keep the stock transmission protected for the time being as the owner gets comfortable with the new power), we're putting down about 600 bhp and 600 lb.ft of torque, which is enough to start altering the rotation of the earth. Don't forget it's putting power down to all four wheels, as well. Enjoy the video, which we've spiced up with a bit of two-stepping at the beginning and end of the video. Wait for the end; you won't be let down. We'll have Dyno graphs and professional photos shot by Matt Magnino coming soon! And now, the disclaimers! Disclaimer: This video was filmed on a movie set in international waters. On top of automotive fabrication, we build VERY lifelike movie sets.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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