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G.I.-Jane- Nitrous EG VS BowDown-Turbo EG street racing

G.I.-Jane- Nitrous EG VS BowDown-turbo EG street racing/drag racing gprauto honda eg


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G.I.JANE Nitrous EG VS Bowdown Turbo Teggy street racing
G.I.JANE Nitrous EG VS Bowdown turbo Teggy street racing gprauto 5150 richewerks church do it Dyno GIJane ftw drag racing hondas

Richewerks/G.I.Jane VS Original auto street racing
richewerks G.I.Jane VS Original auto street racing drag racing, gprauto, 5150 Music; YG honestly

G.I.Jane the Making
OsosiK Media: Richewerkz 5150 @ FCS FAB, The Making of G.I.JANE

Civic B16 Nitrous runs 0-110mph
If you want to watch car in 1/4 mile 13.28 link here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ICopxBNXTI&feature=channel_video_title My second pull I shifted too early because I was focused on the camera that was moving around. Bottle was close to empty so it had low pressure. Thanks for watching and enjoy.

2Step's Nitrous Ef VS Kriticals S/C Nitrous CRX street racing
2Step's Nitrous Ef VS Kriticals S/C Nitrous CRX gprauto.com

GI Jane VS Bowdown
5150's G.I.Jane K powered Nitrous eg VS Bowdown Racings turbo eg.. Head up for $975.00

Gi Jane VS Two-step Ef
iPhone 4 + Flashlight = This... Ososik Richewerkz 5150 Two-Step Motorsports Ef Cpt 135th & Main

Bow down Acura VS. Solo Elco
NO Race Cops came & fukk'd up Everything Low $$$ 600..

Wrath EG VS Breezys Turbo Integra street racing
Wrath EG VS Breezys turbo Integra street racing] GPRauto sonic racing

G.i Jane
www.facebook.com/ososikmedia www.twitter.com/OsosikMedia www.ososik.com info@ososik.com In car footage of K-Series EG at Fontana.

Breezy's Turbo Daily EG VS Red Turbo JB EG street racing
Breezy's turbo Daily EG VS Red turbo JB EG street racing gprauto.com doitDyno jerrybuilt erics racing street racing drag racing

Richewerks 5150 G.I.JANE
Richewerks 5150 G.I.JANE At Churchs Automotive Dyno.... GPRauto

BowDown Camaro VS Breezy's Turbo Integra street racing
BowDown Camaro VS Breezy's turbo Integra gprauto.com drag racing street racing

BowDown Nitrous CRX Vs Robotnix Nitrous CRX street racing
BowDown Nitrous CRX Vs Robotnix Nitrous CRX $1,000 up for grabs socal1320.com gprauto street racing

Richewerks 5150 Shop
Location with Richewerks 5150

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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1997 Honda CBR : 8.622 @ 180.721
sterling cole,

2006 Honda CBR 1000rr: 9.355 @ 142.220
wayne mills, Engine: 998cc, Supercharger: No Turbos: No Tires: 180

2006 Honda CBR 1000rr: 9.523 @ 147.130
wayne mills, Engine: 998cc,

2006 Honda CBR 1000rr: 9.540 @ 142.890

2003 Honda CBR 954RR: 9.690 @ 143.660
Russell, Tires: Shinko Hook-up Rear

2001 Honda CBR 929rr: 9.923 @ 141.190
Kurt Thornton, Engine: stock,

2003 Honda CBR 954rr: 9.940 @ 136.000
james hester, Engine: stock, Tires: shinko, front and rear

2000 Honda CBR 929 /954 engine: 9.940 @ 140.150
ryan, Engine: stock,

2003 Honda CBR 954RR: 10.079 @ 135.440
Russell, Engine: Stock, Tires: Shinko Hook-up

2005 Honda CBR F4I: 10.090 @ 135.270

1996 Honda CBR Blackbird: 10.170 @ 138.680
David Gajet,

1998 Honda CBR 900RR: 10.200 @ 131.580
Robert Griffith, Engine: 989, Tires: PIRELLI

2005 Honda CBR 1000rr: 10.210 @ 142.970
alanmansell, Engine: stock, Tires: ultra soft shinko

2005 Honda CBR 1000RR: 10.230 @ 139.100
Chris McCoy,

2003 Honda CBR 954 RR Fireblade: 10.277 @ 135.670
Colin, Engine: 954cc, Tires: B/S Battlax 016R

2003 Honda CBR 929 / 954: 10.280 @ 136.350
ryan, Engine: k&n air filter lowerd front straps,

2006 Honda CBR Fireblade: 10.358 @ 134.210
Scot Fitzhugh, Engine: 1000cc, Supercharger: n/a Turbos: n/a

2005 Honda CBR F4i: 10.371 @ 131.540
Lea Martinez,

2001 Honda CBR 929: 10.400 @ 129.000
korrey wallace,

2005 Honda CBR 1000RR Fireblade: 10.450 @ 137.000
Scott, Engine: 1000cc, Tires: michelin pilot powers


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