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J32 Turbo AUTOMATIC Civic

94 Civic $300 Junkyard J32, free automatic transmission from a 2002 Odyssey (needed rebuilt), Borgwarner S372 turbo... Getting the bugs worked out - shooting for 10's


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V6EG DYNO 367HP.avi
KRIZN V6 civic hatch on Dyno at Ericks racing.

Turbo J32 Civic Automatic
turbo J32 Civic Automatic testing 5-6 psi 11.8 @ 116

HCRacing J32 ek hatch vs ken Vallis crx
Pei sport compact weekend 2012 Rip aiden

V6 Swap into Acura Integra V
DRIVE VIDEO Video Created: June 2009 I accidentally deleted my Gmail account which had the series of V6 Swapped Integra videos, so all my videos I'm having to re-upload...Sorry for the inconvenience Acura TL J32A1 ULEV Engine swapped into Acura Integra wired with Acura TL harness from engine and interior!

Honda J32 eg hatch..fast v6 front wheel drive civic.
I was nah...this isn't going to happen, but opened my eyes and was amazed that the j32 did work...spank the civic coupe by 6 cars.

Al & Ed's JDM Sport turbo and tuned 2011 Honda CR-Z Hybrid AUTOMATIC CVT with Turbo Kit
Check this AdvanSpec and Firm400.com exclusive look at this crazy brand new Al & Ed's Pasadena 2011 Honda CR-Z Hybrid CVT Automatic Transmission (not 6 speed manual) (manual in this blue color at the time was not available and vehicle was needed in time for SEMA) turbo edition import tuned and turbo by Efren Garcia (R&D/Tech) JDM Sport (JDMSport.com) and Dyno'd by Erick's Racing. It's already been to SEMA 2010, LA Auto Show, and soon you'll be able to see it at CES 2011! Custom audio setup soon to come along with the interior coverage! Stay tuned with AdvanSpec channel here on YouTube for your exclusive coverage of all news that is the auto scene and culture! AdvanSpec.com coming soon! Want to turbo out your CR-Z hit us up or visit JDMSport.com (as you can see we can do automatics too)! Need custom audio setup check out Al-Eds.com or give the Pasadena Al&Ed's a call! Dyno needed? Give Erick's Racing in Baldwin Park a try! **Please note: The Dyno run you see was initial Dyno run and the vehicle is still undergoing fine tuning because it IS the new technology CVT Honda Automatic Transmission NOT manual 6 speed. Update video with new runs to come!** 2011 Honda CR-Z Hybrid Automatic CVT Transmission with JDM Sport turbo Initial Run Numbers are as follows: 182.8 ft/lb of Torque / 81 MPH / 4800RPM 170.0 Hp SAE / 83 MPH / 4883 RPM Visit: www.Facebook.Com/AdvanSpec and "LIKE" for up-to-date news! www.Facebook.Com/JDMSport and "LIKE" for more cars, models, car shows, news, and more!

Transmission Repair - GM 4L60-E Transmission Re-Assembly (Rebuild)
On this video we go through the re assembly of a 4L60E Transmission. I tried to make this video shorter for you so I skipped the bushing installation and installing the bolts on the valve body. But you can go to the teardown video for reference on where each bolt goes, since they're different sizes. I will make a follow up video on bushing installation.

Turbo Integra LS 0 to 80 0-60 automatic
turboed acura integra on the high way, going from 0 to 80 or 0-60, rough turn at the end. it has stock internals, 18g greddy turbo, with 440 fuel injectors running at around 7 psi. faster than a monte carlo

790whp Civic
Nate Daniels civic S372 w race housing tuned by Steve AKA stickerguy AKA cigrafix from www.turbooptions.com 35psi spinning on the Dyno, has alot more in her coming to a track real soon. congrats Nate

D15Z6 Turbo automatic EK3 Civic
Still not tried hard acceleration yet :/ and this is with lift off gear changes to save the torque converter..... Track prepped road legal civic, running on stock internals. T3/04 turbo with 7psi wastegate, currently unmapped.

v6 civic 6 speed
finished and running j32a swap in a ex, with p/s, a/c and without cutting a hole in the hood,!!!! done by square1 motorsports, hampton VA. Will update soon with new wheels/suspension/and paint...sorry for the blurriness didnt have a good camera...

J32 6speed MT LSD SWAP for 2001 Honda Accord EX coupe v6 from Acura CL-S
j32a2 from acura cl type s, tein ss coilovers, magnaflow custom catback, HFP 17inch wheels wrapped in falken ziex 225/45's all around just a quick street start run to 60

RPM SYSTEMS Honda Civic V6 Turbo built
Honda civic 1992 - 1995 with a 2003 Acura CL Type-S with six speed tranny. Has a Single turbo T70 with a 61 mm wastegate and 50 mm BOV. All piping is 2 1/2 . AEM F/IC controller to help the fuel and timing. Built by RPM SYSTEMS of Poughkeepsie New York. Help by Hasport , J32A.COM , and East Park Recycling Center ,as well as a whole bunch of people that make this happen. This is the first time we started the car since well built it . more to come .

Testing Turbo Honda Accord V6's Setup
Reving the engine to check the turbo setup for any Exhaust and vacuum leaks

Honda Accord V6 6 Speed Swap - Episode 4
Here we are, a walkthrough of the J32a2 engine that's going into Anthony's car. It'll be modified with timing components and sensors from the CL-S 6-speed since this motor's the automatic version. From there, upgrading the fuel injectors, as well as a few other things

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1992 Honda Civic si: 10.350 @ 141.000
jared wahl, Engine: b18c1 block guarded 82mm stock sleeves, Turbos: t70 Tires: mickythompson 24.5x8x13

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Travis Chaney, Engine: LS1, Tires: 26x10.50 Hoosiers

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John Brown, Engine: 1.8 acura integra gs, Turbos: t3/t4 Tires: m&h

1986 Honda Civic SI, AH5: 10.416 @ 125.000
Jimmy Fernandez, Engine: B16a, Turbos: GARRETT T3/T4 60mm / 63mm Tires: FRONT full slick M/H / BACK 205/R50/15 KUMHO ECSTA


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