Mustang V8 302 Preparação

Retifica motor 302 preparado, escape Giba Inox com sistema Noise Changer , Cambio T5, rodas 18, radiador de alumínio, cabeçote retrabalhado, balanceiros roletados Crane Gold Race , comando Crene 272/284, Holley 650 mec, coletor Torker II, etc!!!

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Motor 302 V8 testando - Mau Bauru Maverick
Motor V8 302 testando na bancada após montagem em 2007 na oficina Poison Bauru/SP

Ford Mustang 302 Engine rebuild break In
My Ford Mustang Mach 1 engine rebuild project, First start and break in process and reving

Motor Mustang 302 ja retifica pronto para ser encaixado no carro

Blower BOOST ~ How to make V8 noise
Chevy big block Chevy 496ci V8 on the Dyno at Dandy Engines. Boosted by a Littlefield 8-71 Supercharger, the engine is setup for endurance use in a ski race boat application. [ ] COPYRIGHT WARNING: The above video is copyrighted © to FullBoost You do not have permission to download it and re-upload it anywhere in any form. You can click the share button on YouTube for that, or copy/paste the URL to social media.