Ford Maverick Turbo

Ford Maverick turbo (falta poner a punto)

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Soltando fogo, Maverick com Nitro, no encontro de Hot Rods e carros antigos no Centro Cívico.

Maverick Turbo

single s475 turbo sleeper maverick update video pump gas stock suspension 460 bbf big block
here is an update on the maverick you guys may have seen it in car craft this last year just telling what I have changed lately and how it has affected it I didn't mention in the video that I changed to a 28x9 inch slick too so we will see how it runs soon with the dozen or so changes it has 75/99 jetting blocked secondary high speed air bleeds tiny primary hsabs and bigger idle air bleeds 10.5 power valve it gets 12 mpg on highway