TopGear Z4M test drive

Richard Hammond from Top Gear tests the BMW Z4M against the Porsche Boxster. That old-school formula of a big engine in a small car still proves fun.

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BMW Z4 (Top Gear) HQ
At this time - Top Gear drives with a BMW Z4, and Richard Hammond quite liked this car. Better than old Z3 for sure! Subscribe if you liked this video! (;

Audi TT MK2 vs Z4 Coupe- Fifth gear
Comparision on a track on Fifth gear

Center BMW 'aRT Werks' M3 paint job
Mike Venditto and Jon discuss the paint job on the Center BMW 'aRT Werks' M3, and the inspiration behind it.

Center BMW 'ArtWerks' M3, 2 laps at Big Willow
The Center BMW 'ArtWerks' M3 lapping on Big Willow, at Willow Springs Raceway. We're doing about 153mph down the front straight.