Corsa Starting problem, Rpm drops when gas is pressed

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Anti Roll Sway Bar Drop Link Replacement Vauxhall Opel
Skip Intro 5:07 I discovered you can change these drop links without jacking up or removing the wheels. It took me about an hour as the extra time it takes undoing the nuts is saved by not removing the wheels. Turn the steering on full lock and you can get to the nuts while laying on the floor. Remove the top joint first as it helps with removing the bottom one. I found replacing the nearside easier probably because I'm right handed. I bought a pair of droplinks off eBay for £11. But they don't look as strong as the original Vauxhall ones. I'll see how long these last and put the results here. This is quite an easy job and stops that annoying knocking noise. Although this was done on a 2008 1.7CDTi Corsa it should be the same for most of the Vauxhall range

Corsa C pedal test
///READ ME/// To do the test Hold both the brake and accel pedal down, Turn your key to ignition "2" (thats the point before the engine starts) watch the light Blinks 10 = 0, 1 = 1, 2 = 2, etc.... Codes can easliy be found on google "VAUXHALL FAULT CODES" Speedo was not responding to anything, giving fault code for faulty speedo..... Turned out to be 2 wires in the stereo player (purple & red) :/ Got to love Vaux

Corsa C rough idle

Corsa C Starting intermittent problem