Corsa Starting problem, Rpm drops when gas is pressed

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Opel Tigra EGR problem
EGR problem...

Opel Corsa B cold start(?) (-21*C)
Poor quality petrol did that. Don't refuel on shell. X12SZ engine.

Corsa C EGR valve Problem

RPM needle jumps and engine subtly vibrates while idle and while driving
I Have a 2001 Audi A4 1.8T AWM I got the Transmission control module replaced about 3 days ago as it died on me,the new used TCM works great. I was getting off work at 8:00 am in the morning,i turned on the engine and let it idle like i always do,for 2 minutes or so,until the rps goes below the 1000 rpm mark,its above the 1000 rpm mark,when i first start the car,then after 2 or so minutes it comes down below that mark. This time however,i noticed the needle jumping up for seconds at a time,as the needle jumps,the engine shakes very slightly,no check engine light comes on though. While driving,it does it too,it is Noticeable at times,but very noticible when i come to a stop light,then i can see the needle jumping and feel the vibration from the engine shaking for a split second. It's not a violent shake,just very subtle but again,it is Noticeable.