Corvette ZR1 racing at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA.mpg

This video was produced and is licensed by Canyon Run Videos ( This video shows a 2010 ZR1 Corvette at a Speed Ventures track day at Auto Club Speedway in Fotana, CA. Canyon Run Videos will shoot you driving your car on the track or on any of our different locations in southern California. We use GoPro Hero HD cameras on our multi-camera shoots that are now separately recorded in full digital stereo audio using the Zoom Digital Recorder with the Wind Jacket from This give our new videos clear crisp audio without wind noise that will ruin any video production. This video did not have this new audio process and you can hear the wind noise in the long straightaways. Please contact us at: to discuss about the video you would like to show you car driving on a twisting road or on the track. Kent Canyon Run Videos

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Corvette ZR1 on track at Speed Ventures at Auto Club Speedway
Mike C with Co-Pilot Jim H are on track in Mikes 2010 Cyber Gray Corvette ZR1 at the Speed Ventures track day event at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California.

Dirty Howie Day at WSIR on 6.11.2011.mpg
This video was produced and is licensed by Canyon Run Videos ( Here is one of our track day videos that shows Dirty Howie getting the job done in his Corvette Z06. Howie was the fastest driver on the track today at Willow Springs International Raceway in Rosemond, CA. His Z06 is vertually bone stock LS7 but he sure gets the mail hauling down the track. We had a great day at WSIR and I made several new friends there. This video was shot with four GoPro Hero HD cameras. The audio was recorded separately using a Zoom H1 digital stereo recorder inside a Wind Jacket from This combination gives my videos crisp clear audio in the harshest inviornment, a racecar going 180 mph.

Auto Club Speedway 02-26-12 Run 3 Instructor.mp4
My first time on a track. The instructor was driving my car, if you start at 2:50 you can see him on the straight and then go into the bank at about 157 mph while hugging the wall. I normally take it at around 110-120 and too scared to even come out into the bank. Needless to say, I was a little scared.

ZR1 chase session with new GT3 RS at Motorsport Ranch 1.7 CW
Fun starts just after the 5 minute mark. 5-28-11 MSR Motorsport Ranch chase session stock ZR1 and stock GT3 RS (with Sharkwerks bypass for that glorious sound!)