R34 GTT - DriveThrough

I met up with more Skyline owners (plus others) and went for a drive. Here's the video.

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Nissan Skyline R34 GTT - Testing GoPro with external Mic
Microphone location was 10cm above the Exhaust

skyline r34 GTT top speed battle street race
top speed battle on the street

Thailand R34 GTR Drive Around

R34 GTT Part 1b
Got a misfiring problem with my car. Went to get it checked, and thank God it wasn't the coil problem, which, apparently, I was told, is a common problem with GTT. Turns out that the cause was worn out plugs. Thus the title "Plug & Play". I also Dynoed the car to get a baseline rwhp and torque. I should have done it before fixing the straight pipe, but I guess this is as good as any.