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Boxzilla 2011 at Canyons Resort
Boxzilla Returns! This year Boxzilla came back to Canyons terrain park for a couple of days in January. The general consensus among riders is that it was "too easy" last year, so the park crew took on the challenge and made it even bigger and more tech. The setup this year started with an "s" box and ended with a curved "c" box. It was a total of 292 feet! You wanted it, you got it! To see Boxzilla 3, the third installment in the Boxzilla Trilogy... watch here:

Nothing To Prove : Full Movie : Part One
Nothing To Prove part one tells the stories of the early season and mid season through the eyes of the Celtek Gloves crew. The movie kicks off with all the homies hanging out at Bjorn Leines house to ride his Jib Farm. Which is a DIY snowboard park set up in a field on his property. The features in the Jib Farm are mostly scrap metal tubes, water drums, and old machines which are all great for jibbing. Once the big storms come during the mid season the crew focuses its attention on the streets. Everything is going well and everyone is stacking shots until a few key members of the team are taken out by a series of injuries. Which leaves it up to the am team to deliver on producing clips. And deliver they all do as the last four minutes of part one is heater after heater of heavy tricks. Check out more at

War of Rails at Bear Mountain 2012
Craig Coker's War of Rails went bigger then ever at Bear Mountain in 2012. Sponsored By Monster Energy Drinks, Under Armor Mtn, Bern helmets and Skull Candy. -Top 15 Skiers- 1. Tom Wallisch 2. Spencer Millbocker 3. Kyle Smaine 4. Pat Goodnough 5. Karl Fostveit 6. Joe Schuster 7. Giray Dadali 8. Dominic Laporte 9. Matt Walker 10. Khai Krepela 11. Alex Dorzynski 12. Aiden Sheahan 13. Martin Boulais 14. John Kutcher 15. Sebastien Chartrand