99 Town and Country Dash recalibration sequence will not finish

Using the reset trick on this 99 Town & Country doesn't do the trick. The recalibration sequence hangs without finishing. If you have any ideas let me know.

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Los focos del control parpadeaban, se hace el reset o test y quedan parpadeando solo los de recirculación y frio. Despues de 15 minutos se quita el parpadeo, el carro se llevo a un taller de climas automotrices y le revisaron presion, lavado de evaporadoras etc. El aire enfria muy bien.

1998 Chrysler Town & Country Instrument Cluster Test Sequence
Don't pay over $100 for a mechanic to tell you what check engine means. Press and hold the trip and reset button, turn key until you hear the beeping (run position), continue to hold the buttons for 5 seconds and "code" will appear on the odometer. Let go and watch the light show. Note any diagnostic codes. Once it's done, remove the key. Some autoparts stores (like mine - AdvancedAuto) allow u to borrow their car diagnostic computer (ODB2 OBDII) that can read codes and reset them free. Also a shout-out to http://forum.chryslerminivan.net/ that site has lots of useful info on T&C's and other chrysler minivans.

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