260Z Qualifying at CMP Feb 2008

Qualifying session for Carolina Cup race Feb 16th 2008. Short video, one good lap at 1:51.6, best time and my qualifying time.

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Dadson Racing - Festival of Sporting Cars - Racing Bathurst in a Datsun 260Z
this is some in car footage of one of my laps around bathurst easter weekend 2008 at the festival of sporting cars race meeting. The class was regularity. the only things i can say: 230K's in a zed is FREAKY! and this track is AWESOME!!!

Datsun 260Z Open pipes run
The six-month old Hooker Max-Flo muffler on the Z split a weld, so I pulled it off the car for shipping back to Jeg's for Warranty replacement. Patched in a plain 2 1/2" -pipe for now, heh heh. Nothing like the sound of an L-series 6 at WOT wearing nothing but a 6-into-1 header and a straight pipe! Shot by my son Andrew, the comedian...

Datsun 260Z Car Craft 2009 1013hp Dyno
Tyler 260z 1013hp 732tq wow! Thanks E85carbs.com

AG cheer and dance team
strange, but funny, and still..... AWESOME$!$!$!$!$!$!$!$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!