PST Viper Hallett Test Day-Fast Lap

Viper Days at Hallett Motor Racing Circuit August 13, 2010 Test Session for Race Group Cars PST Viper Driven by Dave Fiorelli Fast Lap of Test: 1.16.3 Qualified on Pole @ 1:17.43 in 100+ degree F ambient temperature Turned a 1:15.6 during the race later that day. The Viper has near 700HP at the rear wheels and weighs about 3200lbs with fuel. Fisher Motorsports tuned Motec provides us the proper fuel and spark. Performance Speed Tech built and valved Penske shocks help keep the power on the ground. The car runs Hoosier R100 race slicks. The front tire size is a 305/650-18 and the rear is a 355/645-18. Performance Speed Tech sells what it races! Contact for more information!

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5 STEEDA Torch RED Q Hot Lapping Hallett Day 2 at the 37th Mid America Ford & Team Shelby Nationals
Out hot lapping in the STEEDA Q on day two of the 37th Annual Mid America Ford and Team Shelby Nationals.

PST Viper Cup Testing at MSR - Fast Lap 1:13.9
Pre-Season Viper Cup Testing at MSR Cresson. Dave Fiorelli is getting a handle on the ACR-X. The car is as delivered from Dodge with exception for an alignment and setup. We have some work to do before the first race but this is an excellent start! Look for more videos from the Viper Cup race series begining in May.

Hallett Porsche Club Race 2010
Here are a few laps from Race 3 of the PCA Octoberfast Club Race at Hallett Motor Racing Curcuit..... In Oklahoma. The start is fun... With Brian and David chasing each other.... And then some excitement with a spin in Turn 3... And a sense of how fast the Cup Cars are.... Billy is rocking and rolling. The NVR-E-NUF Gang and Friends made it to Octoberfast for the thrid year in a row.... What a blast.

PST Viper GTS @ MSR Cresson 1.7CCW - 1 Lap
PST Viper at Motorsport Ranch running the 1.7 CCW. Dave Fiorelli is driving. Filmed with a Race-Keeper Data Logging/Video system