Rover V8 3.5 Rebuilt Engine

Very early V8 engine Rebuilt and running on the Dyno

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Rover V8 engine
Rover V8 engine running in stand

4.9lt Rover V8 Dyno 351hp The Wedge Shop
This motor was built for a vintage race car. It is a 4.6lt Rover V8 stroked out to 4.9lt's. -Custom flat tappet Erson Cam design in house at The Wedge Shop -Buick 300 heads mildly ported -Big Valves -10:1 Compression -5.7 Forged Rods -JE Forged Pistons -Big Tubed Headers by The Wedge Shop and More! -Harcourt Single Plan Intake

coscast 4.0 litre Rover V8 engine with SU carbs on our testbed

range rover classic 3.9 v8 engine rebuild
Running beaut after new mild performance camshaft,rollmaster adjustable timing chain ,new pushrods,lifters,rocker arms,shafts, and a set of 2002 fully refurbished heads(12 thou shaved).k&n pod filter,8.5 msd leads,new oil,filters,and lots of hours. After cam shaft change,my engine developed top end knock,couldnt quite pinpoint it,thought it was tappets or dreaded piston slap,...turned out the rollmaster timing chain has a different shape that doesnt butt up to a lug on timing cover,so eventually was gouging out aluminium on cover causing cam float,hence the knock! Very pleased to find this after removing covers to replace added a thrust plate to hold the camshaft in place and all back together,all is smooth and well (today,haha) I'm guessing i've replaced some missing horses and likely added a few extras from the original 185hp when new.