cronic 13bt rx3

13bt stage 2 rx3 b4 tune, should of turned the fan off so you could hear better

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Vesna's 13BT RX3 Dyno Run at Pac performance
Vesna's candy apple, mini-tubbed RX3 certainly has all bases covered in the looks department so it was now time for Rocky to UNTAME the 13B beast under the bonnet and make its bite as serious as its bark!

cronic rx3
cold start up bit of gas for the 4 barrel and shes away

Full Bridge Port 13Bt
My new full bridge motor in my Widebody FC3S

Best Rotary Burnout Ever,13B Bridge Port Rx-3 Coupe Must See
this is the best Rx-3 coupe burnout ever,must see it,13b bridge port sitting on 11,000rpm doing figure 8s and helis and the craziest driver from the old times tarek !! 1992 Fast Fours & Rotary Nats Ends Up With Security Trying To Kick Off The Rx3 lol,It Just Pumped Him Up To Do A Bigger Burnout HAHAHA...Go Hard this video you will see some really old faces from the good old days.