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City Commentary Drive

Commentary Driving is a tool used extensively in advanced driving training in the UK, especially by police services. This excerpt from Bespoke Driver Training's "Advanced RoadCraft" DVD features their founder (an ex-police 'Class 1' advanced driving trainer) demonstrating commentary whilst driving through busy traffic in towns in England, UK.


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Advanced Driving.Chris Gilbert.Latest Ult. Driving Craft DVD
A sneak peak of Chris Gilbert's latest DVD, Ultimate Driving Craft 2 Day and Night. Shows a 'friendly follow'. which is a precursor to police pursuit training. Advanced driving with full commentary.

13 Year Old Driving A Ferrari
Me driving my dad's Manual F355 Ferrari

Commentary Driving
Commentary Driving demonstration. Thanks to my good friend Pip Latter who is Chairman of the Southampton IAM group for this demonstration.

How to do Roadcraft Commentary Part 3 of 4
This is me explaining and demonstrating what commentary is, how to develop it, and showing you what full commentary looks like. There are 4 parts to it.

Worst Driver Compilation III : Close Calls, Accidents, and More
Just under 5 months of footage that I've collected. These are many, but not all, of the close calls that I've encountered in my "Bad Drivers in South Carolina" Series, Episodes 48-68 (excluding the first clip which will be in my upcoming 69th episode.) This isn't necessarily a close call compilation; I've included some road rage and just plain stupid maneuvers. I pretty much limited it to one close call per location. You will not see the same incident happen over and over with different drivers. *If you think I honk too much in this video, remember that it takes place from December 2012 to May 2013. If I honk 25 times in this video, then all you can prove from this video is that I honked 25 times in about 150 days. *Objects are close than they appear! Music: -Opening Music: Variations on Mussorgsky's "Promenage from 'Pictures at and Exhibition'" and Grieg's "In the Hall of the Mountain King" performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra -Closing Music: Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue

Advanced Driving. Chris Gilbert Ult. Driving Craft DVD
Advanced Driving, Commentary Driving, learn Advanced Driving, Commentary Driving, from Chris Gilbert's Ultimate Driving Craft DVD, advanced commentary coached from the basics up, Advanced driving Videos, Driving safety Course, advanced driving lessons.

Breakout anti-hijack manoeuvre
Only possible in front-wheel drive cars with a manual transmission, this anti-hijack manoeuvre is a useful tool for a driver living or working in hostile environments to have in his toolbox of techniques.

Advanced Driving.Chris Gilbert Ult. Driving Craft DVD
Advanced driving. Planning and anticipation with Chris Gilbert. Advanced driving, is looking 4 clues, Advanced driving, takes practice. Driving Safety Course, Advanced Driving Lessons. Advanced Driving Video.

Emergency Vehicle - Blue Light Training - Extended Run Part 1
A look at an extended blue light run as part of a blue light course - approximately 30 minutes duration. The driver reacting to the actions of other road users and then planning his route. SPEED not being the issue, only to arrive at the 'JOB' without incident. All we need in these situations is other drivers to realise we are on a call and not to PANIC. So long as we can see you react, we can plan our next move.

Overtaking technique
This video is an excerpt from Bespoke Driver Training's "Advanced RoadCraft" DVD, and introduces some fundamental principles for overtaking safely on two-way roads. More information about this DVD is here: http://www.bespoke-group.co.uk/wordpress/dvds/

J-Turn evasive driving manoeuvre
Another tool for the professional VIP close protection drivers' toolbox.

Advanced Driving. Chris Gilbert. Ult Driving Craft.Night Driving
Advanced night driving filmed in high definition. A sneak peak from Chris Gilbert's latest DVD Ultimate Driving Craft 2 Day and Night.

Advanced Driving. UK Techniques and Tips..
Advanced Driving Techniques from a UK POLICE DRIVER. Advanced Driving Tips and Driving Commentary. Find out more here : http://www.driverskills.com

Overtaking technique for 2-way single-carriageway roads
Overtaking on 2-way roads is one of the most challenging manoeuvres everyday driving necessitates. This clip is an excerpt from our 'High Performance RoadCraft' DVD, which we filmed on the speed limit-free roads of the Isle of Man. More information about this DVD is here: http://www.bespoke-group.co.uk/wordpress/dvds/

Advanced Driving. Chris Gilbert Ult. Driving Craft DVD
Advanced driving is driving with a high visual horizon. Advanced driving, is smooth driving and without drama. Driving safety Course, Advanced Driving Video

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