City Commentary Drive

Commentary Driving is a tool used extensively in advanced driving training in the UK, especially by police services. This excerpt from Bespoke Driver Training's "Advanced RoadCraft" DVD features their founder (an ex-police 'Class 1' advanced driving trainer) demonstrating commentary whilst driving through busy traffic in towns in England, UK.

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Commentary Driving
Commentary Driving demonstration. Thanks to my good friend Pip Latter who is Chairman of the Southampton IAM group for this demonstration.

Advanced Driving. UK Techniques and Tips..
Advanced Driving Techniques from a UK POLICE DRIVER. Advanced Driving Tips and Driving Commentary. Find out more here :

Training Blue light drive on commentary
Instructor Training on commenatary.

Commentary drive - for your driving test
Zebra crossings, mini roundabout, parked cars and right turns. In car commentary- advanced-intermediate level- by a Hockley, Essex based DSA ADI approved driving schools instructor. or or