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1965 plymouth a/fx hemi drag car

http://smallenginepower.blogspot.com/ 1965 plymouth a/fx drag car 426 hemi electronic fuel injection tubes like the mechanical-fuel-injection manifolds kinsler crower


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John Grinwald heads toward the staging lanes to end the day of testing with a pass of 8.88 @ 150 mph

Hemi Under Glass Last Ride
After 39 years at the wheel of one of the most famous and unusual cars in drag racing, the Hemi Under Glass, Bob Riggle decided to hang it up. We were there to capture the last runs of this iconic car and the driver who thrilled crowds at drag strips all over the country.

Dyno pulls - Lee Sicilio's Hemi Daytona Landspeed car
Car holds a number of records in "Classic" category at Bonneville. Current engine is a 498 CID Ray Barton Hemi with FAST XFI injection. These are the last two pulls to verify AFR and ignition at 7000+rpm before heading to Bonneville later this year, trying for a record in the Production category. Although we were not logging horsepower on these loaded pulls (not important) - the engine made 930 hp on Barton's Superflow engine Dyno. Special thanks to import tuner Steve Kan, who allowed us to use his facility in Fort Worth!

F.A.S.T. Hemi 4 speed in car camera. Mopar GTX vs. Road Runner Drag Race
In car video of Joel Nystroms Hemi 4 speed 67 GTX as he battles Factory Appearing Stock Tire Champion Dave Dudek. Tires on the GTX are stock G70-14 bias plys, that went up in smoke on the 1-2shift Here is a veiw of the same run from the outside: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBQsHo7b1jo

scooby doo mystery machine
https://www.facebook.com/horsepowerHub http://smallenginepower.blogspot.com/ scooby doo tv show mystery machine at the hobby expo from the volo museum

Nostalgia Drag Races 2009
The H.A.M.B. Nostalgia drag races at Smokin' MO-Kan Dragway

Sox & Martin 1965 Hemi Belvedere Vs. Bob Reed 1968 Hemi Cuda
Step back in time to the 1989 Mopars At Englishtown and watch the Sox & Martin 1965 Super Stock Hemi Belvedere take on "Bullet" Bob Reed's 1968 Super Stock Hemi Cuda.

Street Legal 1968 Plymouth 900 HP 572CI EFI Hemi GTX - Ride Along & Burnout
Ken Jansen's 1968 HEMI GTX - Full bio here: http://www.tigertool.com/gtx

Lost HEMI.... Video of when it was found and pulled out for first time since '75.
Not been out since 75 1967 Belvedere I hemi 426 dual quad 4 speed...Sorry, the original audio from the recording was jacked, so YouTune is giving you some sweet tracks to jam out to. One love

Dorothy Davis drag racing her 426 hemi 1964 dodge 1960's
Dorothy Davis held National records in the 1960's in her 1964 Dodge Factory lightweight 426 Hemi, The Wild Wild West.YOU ROCK DOROTHY !!!

132912 / 1970 Plymouth 'Cuda
For more information on this vehicle visit http://tinyurl.com/9qhecvo This 1970 'Cuda convertible is a nicely done Hemi 'Cuda tribute with a few cool custom touches. The bodywork is really nicely done, and if there have been any panel replacements, the work is invisible. The Hemi Orange paint is vivid, and looks great on the great 'Cuda curves, especially with the black hockey sticks out back. There's something about Hemi Orange that seems to really show off the panel alignment, because this car and the last orange Road Runner, both of which are exceptionally well-assembled, look killer under the bright lights in the photo booth. Hours and hours must have been spent on getting the finish into shape, with color sanding and buffing to make it show quality. This is one great looking car. As a Hemi 'Cuda tribute, there was already a vintage era-correct Hemi living under the hood, and a lot of guys would have been happy with the 500 or so horsepower it was generating. However, when this car showed up, they decided it needed more, so they made a call to Indy Cylinder Head and ordered up a F.A.S.T. programmable fuel injection system, a custom roller camshaft that's matched to the injection setup, and an MSD ignition system. That Shaker hood scoop needed to be functional, so they created a custom base for it, and now it feeds the fuel injection system just as it fed a pair of carburetors four decades ago. The block got a coat of Hemi Orange paint (what else?), while the valve covers were covered in traditional black wrinkle as original, and the red plug wires really pop against that black background. A massive aluminum Be Cool radiator effortlessly keeps temperatures under control, and the entire engine bay has been dressed up with polished billet accessories like the dual master cylinder and battery hold down. New wiring works in conjunction with an Optima gel cell battery to ensure that everything works as it should. To fully bring the big Hemi into the 21st century, it needed longer legs on the highway. A call to Keisler secured one of their Stage II programmable A41 4-speed automatic transmissions. Built by Keisler and including their machined bell housing and tail shaft, it's up to the challenge of transmitting the Hemi's horsepower, and also gives the car a deep overdrive for easy cruising and plenty of top speed. Out back, an 8.75-inch rear carries 3.55 gears on a Sure Grip, which makes the most of the transmission's well-spaced ratios. To firm up the feel, sub-frame connectors were added to the tub, the suspension was fully rebuilt using components from XV, including adjustable racing shocks, tubular control arms, fat sway bars, and adjustable strut rods. A Firm Feel steering box telegraphs the signals to the steering wheel without a filter, and massive disc brakes from SSBC with color-matched calipers live at all four corners. The ceramic-coated long tube headers are absolutely astounding works of art, and feed a massive dual Exhaust system with Flowmaster mufflers and correct tips exiting through the valence panel. Out back, a new aluminum gas tank with high-pressure in-tank pump delivers the high octane through thick braided stainless lines. Wheels are 17-inch Centerlines wearing 235/45/17 front and 255/50/17 rear tires. In the same way that the exterior is only subtly modified, the interior is 99% original equipment with the only major modification being an Alpine stereo. The buckets, door panels, dash and console are all excellent reproduction pieces rendered in black vinyl, which looks awesome against that Hemi Orange paint. The gauges were all rebuilt, and they resisted the urge to hang a big tachometer from the dashboard or steering column, keeping the factory styling intact. Overhead, there's a black convertible top that was installed by RK Motors Charlotte's own upholstery shop, and it fits as well as any I've ever seen on a 'Cuda. And in front of the driver, you'll find a great looking reproduction steering wheel. With smart upgrades like the fuel injection and transmission, this Cuda drives like a 2011 Barracuda might, while retaining the classic good looks that are the reason why these cars remain so popular

Five minute promo from the full length video available through Jim Amos' Bee On Video. Drag Racing action from the 1960s at various drag strips: Pocono Drag Lodge, Pocono Raceway, Kel-Rica, Wind Gap, Vargo, Numidia, Island, Forty Fort, Maple Grove, Tri Cities. The full length video is fully narrated unlike this promo clip which only includes car sounds. www.beeonvideo.com

CMW Motorsports Blown 426 Hemi
CMW Motorsports blown 426 hemi powered by these great companies AEM Fuel Management,BDS 8-71 Supercharger,CMW Oil Company, Eibach Valve Springs,K1,NGK Spark Plugs,Rocketbrand Fuels,Total Seal Piston Rings

Real Barn Find 1965 Mustang Fastback A/FX Gasser Viral
I put the word viral to gain views,,,,HEAR THE CAR RUN @ 2:40 This x drag race car was snug for 32 years in the basement of a farm house outside of Albany. A close friend and track official at Lebanon Valley dragstrip told me about this car at the end of the 2011 season. So I went to see it. I bought it instantly. I have been slowly making the car useable since I bought it. The body and frame of the car have never seen the salt and it has been a race car since it was new. The rear tubbing and body work/engineering for the front leaf springs were all done in the 60's. It saw heavy track time from 1967-77 but has been sitting un-raced since. I would love to know the actual mileage on this car, i'm sure it would be low and in increments of 1/4 mile :)

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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