The Nissan NP200 races a Nissan B140 and a Nissan B120

On Day 3 of the Nissan Challenge, the Nissan NP200 started the challenge from Nyahururu all the way to Kisii. A true mchapa kazi. In Nakuru, the NP200 got into a test of strength with a Nissan B140 and a Nissan B120.

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Nissan np200 turbo first time at the drag strip
This was the first time we took the Nissan UTE out on the track. Low Boost to get everything dialed in. Sad to say broke the clutch that day.

JnesTuned Nissan NP200 1.5dci @ 108kw & 350nm
Nissan NP200 1.5dci with JnesTuned Mild Software Tuned Power: 108kw & 350nm ATF

My datsun 1200 Restoration
hey guys just made this video to show how much time and effort went into this thing i honistly haven't seen a better datto so i just thought id share the process of me and my dads restoration on my car, let me know what yas think, thanks for watching

Np200 190 Km/h