Suncoupe with a procharger

go it all cleand up for a cruse

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Suncoupe on Dyno
took my 1972 Buick Skylark with the Suncoupe option to the Dyno for the first time

1971 GS 455, Stage 1 with F1C Procharger
Rich's 71 GS after replacing the D1 procharger with a bigger F1C. Some fine tuning to be done yet, and then off to the track. The car was mid 11s on 17" drag radials before.

Buick 455 Dyno 800 hp
Break in and Dyno time on race Buick 455 engine

1970 Buick Skylark GS Stage1 Convertible Blu NSmyrn011412
This car means business! I videoed it before, but with the hood it is open, displaying the huge 455 c.i. Buick engine! There was so much competition within General Motors to show off the prowess of these "intermediate" models...big engines with trim cars!