Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 Start-Up & Rev [Exhaust Notes]

Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 Specifications: -Stock (6.2L V8 ~571 HP & ~650 NM Torque)

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2011 Mercedes SLS GT3 -2
At the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance

Mercedes AMG GT3
Track driving footage of the new Mercedes AMG GT3.

Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 Racing! LOUD sounds! [HD 1080p]
Got to admit that this is the most exciting car I have ever seen. I even have never felt like this when standing next to Veyrons and Koenigseggs! It certainly is the best I've filmed so far. Hope you like it, and please like and comment! Btw, I know some videos do not have an AlwinSV mark, but they are still mine. That is just because my video editing programm is kind off mean to me xD. It's not completely working like it should sometimes :P. Anyway, you guys won't care less. Enjoy! After this video there will be a 2 weeks break uploading videos, just to let you know! Cheers!

All New Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 Race Car Montage
All New Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 Race Car 2011 Montage