AP1 vs AP2

4.77 gear on an AP1 vs FlashPro AP2

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Honda AP2 vs. Honda AP1
Yellow AP1 Preface, F20c White AP2 Facelift, F22c

s2000 AP1 Review
2001 AP1 Spa Yellow s2k. 240 hp, revs to 9000rpm. Rear wheel drive. Owned this beauty for 2 weeks. Intake & aftermarket clutch came with car.

3000gt vs S2000 50-80 roll
Top of 2nd for the vr4 with passenger but good run, s2000 Exhaust sound,3000gt, s2000, 350z, 240sx,Mustang, Camaro, corvette, ricer, tuner,muscle, race, rx7, evo, wrx, sports, cars.

Honda S2000: Technical Video (1999)
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