AP1 vs AP2

4.77 gear on an AP1 vs FlashPro AP2

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Honda AP2 vs. Honda AP1
Yellow AP1 Preface, F20c White AP2 Facelift, F22c

Honda S2000 Test AP1 vs AP2
AP1 vs AP2

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Honda S2000 (AP1/AP2)
Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Honda S2000 (AP1/AP2) www.usedperformancecars.com #1. An induction and Exhaust note to die for! Short of a motorcycle, there are few naturally aspirated engines fit into a car that rev to the stratosphere as the S2000's motor can. The VTEC makes the engine's growl turn into a roar and the effect is addictive, to the point of revving through to 9000 rpms, dipping into the clutch, grabbing the short stubby gear lever and snicking into the next gear. Before you know it, you're doing a 100 mph! #2. Honda built a purposeful, compact and entertaining sports car. In the years after the Acura/Honda NSX, Honda-philes clamored for an affordable rear wheel drive sports car. And Honda delivered! The car has a mighty engine, was originally built only as a roadster and the chassis, gearbox and brakes were honed to the point of perfection. Honda essentially one upped everyone who was making a roadster when the S2000 was released. The S2000 brakes on a dime, handles sublimely and will be whatever you want the car to be. If your goal was to become a driving god, there is no better alternative to achieving that status than to buy an S2000 and then hitting all the local autocross tracks. It's just that good. #3. As mentioned earlier, the Honda S2000 is mesmerizing and enchanting as a driver. As such, it is easy to become one with the car after only a few miles. Especially if you are an enthusiast. There are few cars that evoke the inner hooligan like the S2000. It's blessed with a soundtrack that can make a grown man cry and inspires confidence in the meek. This car can and will bring the inner hooligan out of anyone that has the pleasure to own one. Just keep the goon-ish behavior to a minimum on the crowded city streets, please! #4. Ownership of an S2000 has its privileges and to take one to a track day is an experience in of itself. Wringing the engine out and keeping the momentum up through the turns combined with the inherent agility in the chassis makes for a very compelling track toy. The engine is engaging on a track though may feel slightly underpowered when comparing it with the likes of Corvettes, Vipers, Ferraris, Astons etc but at the end of the day, you can drive your car back home without a hint of worry for reliability. We hope you have deep pockets, because that baby will burn rubber! #5. Buying an used S2000 is not cheap, nor is it terribly expensive. The late model AP2 S2000s with low mileage tend to be priced very high. The older AP2 S2000s have stories of twitchy handling, a tendency to oversteer and weak mid-range torque that can get you in trouble on the public roads. These are minor quibbles compared to the relatively low price tag the AP1 S2000s. No matter which model you choose, you life will be that much more enjoyable. Hope you enjoyed this and feel free to share!

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