Fastest Lawnmower in the World

Bobby Cleveland sets a landspeed record on his 104 octane sposored sit down lawnmower at the world famous bonneville salt flats

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Race to 400mph - DYNO Test
Sam Wheeler of Arcadia California, is preparing to break the motorcycle land speed record with a run of 400 MPH plus at Bonneville Salt Flats Utah this summer with his PARTS UNLIMITED/EZ HOOK streamliner. With the PARTS UNLIMITED sponsorship Sam has totally revamped the power plant and transmission on his liner. The streamliner is now powered by a Suzuki Hayabusa 1300cc engine built by Vance & Hines. The 20013 Bonneville Salt Flats season saw very wet salt conditions, and no record runs were attempted. With Bonneville testing out of the question, in September 2013, Sam brought his streamliner to the Vance & Hines Dyno facility in Santa Fe Springs CA for testing of the engine and the new drive system. This video gives us a look at that session.

ISDE 2012 - Day 6 Highlights
Day 6 is traditionally features one special test. The 2012 course is a super moto style using portions of the paved Saxonring road race circuit combined with off-road supercross style sections. The riders are broken up into motos by bike class and event ranking. The action was fast and exciting. Team USA s Mike Brown wins the Final E1 moto overall, and the rest of the USA World Trophy Team does well enough to move up from 7th to 4th place on the final day, passing both Finland [2011 champs] and Spain. The Junior Trophy Team places third which is excellent for an inexperienced team. Jeff Fredette adds finish 32 to his string of ISDE runs. Fred Hoess collects another gold medal as the American with the most gold medals. All that is left is the awards ceremony and packing everything up for the trip home.

Worlds Fastest Lawnmower - Bobby Cleveland
On September 25, 2010 Bobby Cleveland fired up his 104+ Octane Lawnmower and recaptured his title of Worlds Fastest Lawnmower with a two way average of 96.529mph.... That's another Record!!!!!!

Paint and Body - PARTS Showcase Sam Wheeler PARTS UNLIMITED (episode 5)
Sam Wheeler's PARTS UNLIMITED/E-Z HOOK streamliner gets its new paint job and graphics. Kurt Walter at ICON designed the graphics in PARTS red white and blue color scheme and included the logos from all the sponsoring companies that are making this project a reality. Grant and his crew at Arcadia Sign did the graphics including the vinyl logos that he guarantees will stay on at 450mph! Sam's liner is best known for its Kawasaki green color scheme which came with the years of sponsorship by tha company. When fist constructed the liner was white. The new graphics reflect the PARTS UNLIMITED sponsorship. Fred Fox CEO and founder of PARTS always liked Sam's liner and got involved with the project to help Sam make the mAjor drive train updates he needed to set the world record. This includes a 600 HP turbo Hayabusa powerplant built by Vance & Hines along with a new final drive system. The streamliner was a big hit at the PARTS UNLIMITED Anaheim showcase in March 2013 where it was unveiled. This video covers the journey of the transformation of the EZ HOOK streamliner with its new graphics