Daihatsu Rocky wth 340 Mopar V8! Streetwize Performance Project Update Clip 3 of 3

Here it is gang....sorry it took so long to get the Video up, I've been going through some family issues so Rocky got bumped down the priority list a bit. Please see the previous video for all the specs on the 341" Motor, this thing really turned out stout, it feels like it wants to jump out tof the frame. I can't wait for spring! I'm gonna try to make the Pinks ALL OUT event coming up in Charlotte in April. Still got to get the 4.56 Geared 8 3/4 Mopar Posi and 11" drum brakes up under her. Thanks for watching and feel free to ask any questions you may have!! www.streetwizeperformance.com

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Rocky Wheelstand - In Car
Bad pass but it's my first Go Pro video. Felt really good at the hit but as soon as it started going up I knew it was the kind of wheelstand that was just gonna keep going up so I had to abort the run. Unlike most drag cars the Rocky has very little rear overhang, so to drag the bumper you'd be at about 2 degrees away from Vertical, lol. You can see it on the recent upload I did, I've got to move more weight to the front to balance it out some more. New Cam new converter, the power is there for sure (yes I know the tach quit on me but I usually shift it by ear anyway, you can hear how the motor changes pitch from 5500 to 6800). I'll figure it out, it's gonna be really fun when I do. www.Streetwizeperformance.com

Jeep Cherokee vs Daihatsu Feroza
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Daihatsu Rocky
Fourtrack in Axel Modderpoel BBQ

Daihatsu Rocky 4x4