Daihatsu Rocky wth 340 Mopar V8! Streetwize Performance Project Update Clip 3 of 3

Here it is gang....sorry it took so long to get the Video up, I've been going through some family issues so Rocky got bumped down the priority list a bit. Please see the previous video for all the specs on the 341" Motor, this thing really turned out stout, it feels like it wants to jump out tof the frame. I can't wait for spring! I'm gonna try to make the Pinks ALL OUT event coming up in Charlotte in April. Still got to get the 4.56 Geared 8 3/4 Mopar Posi and 11" drum brakes up under her. Thanks for watching and feel free to ask any questions you may have!! www.streetwizeperformance.com

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Daihatsu Rocky off road compilation
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Mopar 340 engine
Mopar 1971 340 c.i.d. engine 1st start-up after total rebuild by FTTC Automotive Department instructor.

V8 Daihatsu Rocky - Test & Tune at Darlington 22-April-15
Having a little too much fun with the Rocky, it looks like the new 5000 Stall 8" Converter and Bullet cam combination will take a little bit of sorting out before I can make a full-on pass. I just hit it off the 3000 RPM stutter chip in the MSD and she started going airborne. I had this issue with the last converter upgrade, it took moving some weight around to the front and increasing the rear tire pressure to try to induce a small amount of initial wheelspin. You can probably see the little Rocky is really coming off the line like a bullet now, I just got to reel that nose in a little bit. It's a crazy feeling when you watch the finish line you were just staring down to disappear in a split second and all you see is the "Event Horizon", lol. I'll get it sorted pretty soon, might need about 40 pounds of strategically placed lead in the nose....but I'll get it back down. The motor feels like it'll easily make another 30-40 horsepower over the old cam, (this as an "all motor" combo) but going from a 4000 stall 9 1/2" street/strip converter to an 8" Spragless A-1 unit might take some sneaking up on to sort out. www.streetwizeperformance.com

Daihatsu Rocky V8! - Streetwize Performance - Project 340 "The Hard Way" clip 2 of 3
Update on the Smallblock Rocky Project, Over the past several weeks I tore down and rebuilt the stock bottom end 8:1 compression 318 in to a 10.2:1 compression 341" (5.6L) mini-stroker, I used a 6" aluminum Mopar Rod that I got a really nice deal on along with the Keith Black KB167 piston and a Mopar Performance 3.55" stroke crank. The combo fits nice (after some bore relieving to clear the big fat rods!).The pistons come up about .005 in the hole, The shortblock is now done and I should be bolting on the tweaked Edelbrock RPM heads, M1 intake and rear sump truck pan, Then I'll be dropping it back in and hope to fire it up (with about another 175 horsepower over the phase 1 318 shown in the first video) within a few weeks. I'm also going to swap in a much stronger 8 3/4" mopar rear end with 4.56" gears and put a shift kit and 3500 stall 10" converter in the tranny. YouTube is great because I never really realized before tht although the Daihatsu Rocky is very uncommon here in the states they are very popular all over Europe, Asia and Australia, The engine bay is very large and easily accomodates a Small block Ford, Chevy or this case a Mopar engine....provided the 4x4 crossmember is cut away and you convert to a rear wheel drive configuration. stay tuned.... :-) www.streetwizeperformance.com