Daihatsu Rocky wth 340 Mopar V8! Streetwize Performance Project Update Clip 3 of 3

Here it is gang....sorry it took so long to get the Video up, I've been going through some family issues so Rocky got bumped down the priority list a bit. Please see the previous video for all the specs on the 341" Motor, this thing really turned out stout, it feels like it wants to jump out tof the frame. I can't wait for spring! I'm gonna try to make the Pinks ALL OUT event coming up in Charlotte in April. Still got to get the 4.56 Geared 8 3/4 Mopar Posi and 11" drum brakes up under her. Thanks for watching and feel free to ask any questions you may have!! www.streetwizeperformance.com

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Rocky Wheelstand - In Car
Bad pass but it's my first Go Pro video. Felt really good at the hit but as soon as it started going up I knew it was the kind of wheelstand that was just gonna keep going up so I had to abort the run. Unlike most drag cars the Rocky has very little rear overhang, so to drag the bumper you'd be at about 2 degrees away from Vertical, lol. You can see it on the recent upload I did, I've got to move more weight to the front to balance it out some more. New Cam new converter, the power is there for sure (yes I know the tach quit on me but I usually shift it by ear anyway, you can hear how the motor changes pitch from 5500 to 6800). I'll figure it out, it's gonna be really fun when I do. www.Streetwizeperformance.com

Jeep Cherokee vs Daihatsu Feroza
Top Đir partners on this video clip Euro4X4parts ( http://bit.ly/1dajMn7 ) and TRACTION 4x4 ( https://bit.ly/1SfTXjw )

Daihatsu Rocky V8 crushes Z06 Vette @ ZMax Dragway (Hi Def)
Same clip - High Def version My 414 Mopar powered Daihatsu Rocky runs 11.812 @ 114.43 to the 427 (7.0 Litre) Z06 Corvette's 12.314 @ 122.90. I never saw him the whole run. That Vette is about an ~$80,000 car plus the guy had it tweaked and tuned on top of that and he added some Big Fat 335 series (over 13" wide!) Drag Radials to it. Beautiful Car (and almost 123 MPH in the 1/4 is pretty impressive!) but beating him to the finish line made it all the more fun! For me this was really just an easy 'check out' pass for the Rocky's new 414" motor, only the second full pass down the 1/4 mile and not even shifting it to the redline. And (as you can probably hear) I'm not even all the way into the throttle until past the 60' cones. The Rocky has a lot more in it, I just have to see how far the wheelie it pulls off the line can be driven through without getting out of shape. But it sure is a FUN ride and goes down the track arrow straight! Thanks for watching! www.StreetwizePerformance.com

Off road Daihatsu Rocky Mladja