Prophecy On Distress Coming To The Great Lakes - Dr. Owuor

The endtime Prophet of The LORD, Dr. Owuor gives Prophecy on the distress that is coming to befall the regieon around the Great Lakes.

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Pastors Speak GREAT LAKES

Meteor: The Destruction of America! | Stan Johnson at The Prophecy Club Radio (3 of 3)
Audio from the DVD "Meteor: The Destruction of America" by Stan Johnson. Prophet Efrain Rodriguez was shown in a vision that a large meteor will hit near Puerto Rico and cause a tsunami 1,000 feet high which will be from 200 to 400 ft high when it hits the east coast of America. It will go inland from 20 to 100 miles. It will also split America from the Great Lakes to the Gulf of Mexico and large chucks of California to fall into the ocean. In a this follow-up DVD, Stan Johnson puts together the rest of the picture together quoting: • SIX people saw: "…a large meteor hit near Puerto Rico." • FOUR people saw: Tsunami hit Eastern coast of the United States • SIX people saw: America split into two pieces • THREE people saw: Large chunks of California to fall into the ocean! • THREE people saw: America split because she split Israel. Air date: 2014-04-11

Global financial meltdown prophecy -Dr David Owuor
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Pastor Silver Am :Prophet Dr Owuor anounced great flood coming to Canada and USA
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