Yukon Denali - Dual 10 Series Flowmasters

Yukon Denali, 6.0 liter with true dual Exhaust. Mufflers (or sounds like lack thereof) are dual 10 series (one chamber) race mufflers. As always videos don't do this setup justice. It really nasty at idle and when you really get onto it. I will try to get a video of drive-by's and when it shifts out of first, it is like a Harley (blatty)

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yukon denali (super 40s) mufflers
Flowmaster mufflers

Procharged Denali vs Cammed 2010 Camaro
Denali - FULL WEIGHT ON 22s!, D1-sc Procharger, Full Exhaust, Stalled, built tranny, CAI... Has since gone 12:47 at 106 mph on 22's in 32 degree weather. Camaro - 220/XXX/XXX Cam, Full Exhaust, In need of Drag Radials Follow my Instagram: Grannatl86

Flowmaster super 10's on my 2004 GMC Yukon Denali 6.0
Short video on my latest (and last) Exhaust. 2 flowmaster super 10's with 1 in 1 out and 3'' inlet/outlet.

Super40 Flowmaster Yukon Denali
I put a Super40 Flowmaster on my 2003 Yukon Denali 6.0L. It's not as loud as my Dodge Ram Hemi but it does sound sweet!