CTS-V vs IS300-T

2004 cts-v races is300 turbo with supra swap

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ProCharged SVT Cobra vs Turbo'd IS300
Race between a procharged Cobra against a turboed IS300.. Cobra Dyno'd 382HP to the wheels and needs better ignition system and the IS300 with a garret T70 turbo from SRT numbers are 400 HP.. ENJOY

101mm TURBO CTS-V - 1200hp Cadillac!!!
This was probably the NUTTIEST car we encountered at the Pikes Peak Air Strip Attack - this 1170hp 101mm turbo equipped Cadillac CTS-V was turning heads everywhere it went. Hop into the passenger seat as we race down the 1/2 mile raceway at over 180 mph!

Modification Plans! What's Next? - CTSV Ep.4
In this episode, we do numerous 'things' and don't finish them. But as I'm going to be away for the next few months we had to get some kind of update out on the car! Once I'm back the car should be tuned, running more power, sitting a little lower and the wheels should be finished! Also hopefully the weather will be better so we can do more hoodrat things! Follow Bryan on IG @detroit_riot Air Suspension Setup: BC Racing Struts D2 Air Universal Bags Airlift 3P Management Dual 2.5 Gallon Air Tanks Dual 444c Viair Compressors Music: Project 46 - Signs Conro - On My Way Up Jack Elphick - Bounce Back 2 Da Tooby - Midnight Breaks 3 Filmed & Edited by Liam Eyles. Subscribe.

2017 Street V
830rwhp Cadillac Monster. 9 Second CTS-V Music Video