Promo-Video Wittbek 2011

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Wittbek 2012 Vorschau : Promo
Trecker-Treck Wittbek 2012 Vorschau auf´s " Best Off "

Tractorpulling - Best of Crash
Check out part 2 as well! My compilation of the crashes I filmed between 2007 and 2011, it's from the european tractorpulling events no one in the video got seriously hurt.

Jim revs up the Deere for a little smoke effect.
Once again the fifth scale Deere makes a smooth run. Jim has set the standard high.

DM 2011 del 4
Dm på Gammel Estrup Landbrugsmuseum den 3. September Se resultater her bestil DVD her i høj kvalitet .