Promo-Video Wittbek 2011

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Wittbek 2012 Vorschau : Promo
Trecker-Treck Wittbek 2012 Vorschau auf´s " Best Off "

Tractorpulling - Best of Crash
Check out part 2 as well! My compilation of the crashes I filmed between 2007 and 2011, it's from the european tractorpulling events no one in the video got seriously hurt.

Can a Model Handle STIHL Timbersports?
Fitness model Lauren Berlingeri heads to Troy, North Carolina to see if she has what it takes to compete in the STIHL Timbersports Series. Subscribe to 3V: More Shows from 3V: All Episodes of Woman v. Workout: NEW Episodes of Woman v. Workout on 3V: Join fitness model Lauren Berlingeri as she takes on a crazy new challenge each week. Whether training with the FDNY, tossing axes with STIHL Timbersports legends, or bounding through parkour routines, our fearless host manages to land on her feet with a smile (most of the time!).

Jim revs up the Deere for a little smoke effect.
Once again the fifth scale Deere makes a smooth run. Jim has set the standard high.