Bentley Continental GT-Speed at Herald Square New York City

I found a Bentley Continental GT-Speed at Herald Square in NYC.

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Exotic Car Speedways 2
This video has views of exotic sports cars going really fast -- trust me it is very entertaining to watch. Cars in here are the Ferrari Enzo, F40, and F430, the Lamborghini Gallardo, Merciélago, and Countach, BMW M3 and much more! Part 1: Part 3:

R32 Tribute
Like this video? Do not subscribe to this channel, subscribe to my new channel with all of my subway videos is where all my videos will be uploaded to. This video is a tribute to the R32 subway car. This car was built in 1964 by the Budd Company for the New York City Subway system. They continue to provide 45 years of service, but nor for long. All the R32's will be gone by late 2009. R32's were the first cars to made of pure 100% stainless steel. This is why they are lasting longer than their brothers (R38, R40, R42) because they are partly made of carbon steel. As of 1/25/09, there are only about 230 R32's left out of the original 600. While the R32's equipment cannot last much longer, their bodies can last a for another long while. If they had another rebuild with new equipment, I'd say the body can take another 30 years.

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Cool little combo in the Meatpacking District of NYC. A 360 in a stunning color, Rosso Rubino, drives by a SuperSport blasting rap. Enjoy!

Bentley Continental GT Speed
Wat een geluid!