race from 40 GTI started in 3rd eclipse in 2nd race to about 100 then i hit traffic so i had to slow down then chased after

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gti mkv vs eclipse gt
gti stock muffler an cat delete vs eclipse gt staright pipes

Eclipse GT 07 vs 09 GTi both auto

4G Eclipse GT vs Nissan 350Z
My stock GT vs a random 350Z, most likely stock too. Pardon the crappy quality video, as I was recording and driving. In the 1st race, he tried to do a flyby and I responded, in the 2nd race, I waited for him to launch and then I missed 3rd gear, just as I was about to pass it. Enjoy!!

4G Mitsubishi Eclipse GT vs. Mini Cooper S
**Note: These races were computer generated. They did not really happen.