Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VI RS2 100-260 kmh

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VI RS2 100-260 kmh

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Mitsubishi EVO 6 top speed
A bit similar to my previous EVO X, one gear short. But, if you look at the difference in accelerating in the VI compared to the X, it is stunning how much quicker the VI is. EVO VI estimated 340Bhp whilst the EVO X had an estimated 370Bhp.

evo 9 vs. evo 6
what the title says

EVO X 0-280km/h (stock motor(kelford cams), stock turbo)

Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VI w/ Anti-Lag System - Revs & Accelerations!
Turn up the volume and hear this Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI equipped with an anti-lag system revving and doing some accelerations! - Event: Insieme per un sorriso - Where: Franciacorta, Italy - When: 6th March 2016 • Official channel: • Instagram: • Facebook: • Google+: