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2nd Generation Honda CR 500 Digital Ignition Starting Video

This video shows the 2 different ways to start our newest version of the CR500 digital ignition. First way to start is a fast full top dead center kick starting at the highest point in the kick stroke. The second way is to perform 2 kicks back to back while keeping the engine rotating. The reasoning behind this is the digital ignition initially fires on the second revolution rather than the analog ignition which fires on the first revolution. Enjoy!


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CR500 & KX500 Non Stop Action
Five minutes of KX500's and CR500's on the hill action

Honda CR 500 Sound Check Braaap!!!
Taking my CR 500 - 2000 for a ride after the restoration

85 CR 500, first kick cold start, redneck style
This video is for all the whiners out there who need armour to start their bikes. Good technique and proper timing/jetting will prevail, no kickbacks ever. Normal procedure would use a couple of gentle `primer kicks`instead of the rocking back and forth in gear, but it`s intended to be a one kick deal. Long live big bore 2 strokers!

CR500 AF Supermoto vs Roadracers
An eventful twostroke trackday at Sviestad Racetrack in Linköping Sweden. Mostly Aprilia and Honda RS125's and 250's there and the odd 50, 350 and RG500 racer. The CR500 was definitely the oddball and I thought it would be slow compared to the proper racers. I was wrong =)

CR500 On Nitrous
A CR500 on Nitrous lets loose on the Bentonite Nitemare hill Groutaone official race gear found here http://www.groutaone.com/

honda cr 500 rumspinnen

Honda cr 500
Just a quick ride to test Contour roam, and to see if the bike still runs after 3 months of sitting in the basment :)... need to put something over the mic to reduce wind destorsion...

CR500 AF River Side
River is real low, went to play

1991 CR500 Startup Sequence
Starting a CR500 is not something to be taken lightly! When I first bought this bike in March '08, it would take 13-15 kicks before firing up. Exhausing! Now imagine doing that halfway up a muddy hill. *shudder* (I know, I know...I should always make it up the hill, then I don't have any starting issues...) After doing lots of research, I found that carb setup is key to starting these bikes, and set about getting mine dialed. It also seems that each CR500 has its own particular startup sequence. So I got the carb dialed and the sequence down, and now I can start her in 1-3 kicks 90% of the time (but halfway up a muddy hill sometimes takes a few more kicks...). This particular day, I wanted to see if my 1-3 kicks worked after the bike had sat in my garage for exactly 6 months. Not that I was timing it; it just worked out to be exactly 6 months this day. :-) Because my voice isn't very loud, and an airplane flew overhead pretty low, you can't really hear what I was saying. I was trying to talk through the sequence, so I'll spell it out here. DISCLAIMER: This is the sequence for this particular bike, so it may or may not work on yours! :-) (Jetting setup correctly comes first; if not, these steps don't work!) 1. Fuel on 2. Choke on 3. Tip it over till it weeps; basically just kills time while the float boal fills up, and then you know when it's full and can move on to the next step 4. Put it in 2nd, roll back and forth with the clutch lever *out*; get's some fuel in the cylender 5. Put it in Neutral (I use my hand most of the time because neutal is impossible to find on this particular bike) 6. Find TDC 7. Kick it as hard as you possibly can. A half-hearted kick will reward you with nothing but a viloent kickback, and maybe a bruised shin/foot...even with a boot on! As you can see from the video, even after 6 months of sitting, 3 kicks will get her burning again. Thanks for watching!

CR500 Slide
A collection of clips, this video is dedicated to the slide. Groutaone official race gear found here http://www.groutaone.com/

CR 500 86 and 85 Honda CR500
Me and Yde starting the CR500's. My exheast springs broke except one.

Pitster Pro Beats A CR500
Pitster gets a 160 foot head start and shows me how its done. Groutaone official race gear found here http://www.groutaone.com/

CR500 AF Frame Cuts Like Butter ?!
Dire warnings from a viewer. Groutaone official race gear found here http://www.groutaone.com/

CR 500 Honda 1991 First start after rebuild
This is the first start of my '91 CR500. We build it from the ground up. Everything is brand new! Thumbs up for 2-strokes! ;)

CR500 Crop Checker
Hows that BBRrraPP Corn Looking?

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