Ford F150 5.4L Fx4 Tr. Duals HPipe F. Racing Headers Burnout

'03 Ford F150 5.4L Triton True Duals with Ford Racing Headers Open Air w/ 70mm Throttle Body Duals Cold Intake Smoke Tires Posi

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Ford F150 Manifolds to Headers
i bought BBK headers for my 2002 ford f150 sound is louder and deeper. installed by friends at hyundai

Me finally getting my f150 stuck!
Me finally getting my f150 stuck! Took me a year but i finally did it! Just went into it alittle to slow triedit again alittle faster and made it no problem! My front two tires were caught on freakin rocks so thats what i got hung on! Check out my muddin club website for more of my extreme muddin videos, pics, forum, and more!

Ford F-150 5.4L 3v - Detroit Rocker Cams Upgrade - Idle & Rev (BULLETPROOF)
The latest and greatest with BULLETPROOF! Brenspeed's Detroit Rocker Camshafts! These are the naturally aspirated version, as they also have a version for those with Superchargers. These cams are sold for a Mustang GT w/ a 4.6L 3v V8, but for those who do not know, the internals are virtually the same in the 5.4L 3v Triton V8, which is what this is. Same heads and everything. Brenspeed also tunes these F-150s, and many others. The truck idles at 850 RPMs all the way around, whether it is in P,R,N, or D. Other mods in this video: AIRAID Cold Air Intake & Corsa Cat-Back Exhaust. Dyno & acceleration videos coming soon. Any questions or comments? Feel free to leave a comment below, or send a PM!

2001 f150 5.4 straight pipes