GT3076R Spool demonstration

Nissan Skyline R33 GTS25t with internally gated .82a/r Garrett GT3076R on a stock RB25 running stock internals, stock intake and Exhaust manifold and currently a soft tune due to Boost control not yet being stable enough to hit the Dyno with

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Nissan Skyline R33 GTS25t GT3076r 60-200+
Back straight of Taupo Racetrack, NIMM 2011.

Panu Bros. 15min of Drifting S14 RB25
Feel free to comment & share! Nissan S14 Imported from Japan Swapped to LHD RB25DET engine with Garrett GT4082 0,9bar "Safe mode" ( 1,3bar 500hp/600nm Dyno ) Haltech E11V2 Splitfire Coilpacks IN256 EX264 Camshafts FMIC Custom top mount manifold with screamer 255 Fuel pump Stock internals FS5W71C transmission Racing Gear clutch and flywheel D1 Coilovers 2-Way LSD For the first summer we put a goal to get driving experience and find out how we want to improve this car. During the summer we only made some slight changes for better handling, e-brake and so on. Our next goal is to open engine and find out what it got from previous owners and make this car a drift monster Update: Engine opened and found stock internals in good shape. Rebuild done, See new videos Panu Bros

Skyline R34 GTT GT3076R 430PS dynorun
RB25DET Neo / HKS head gasket / ARP head bolts Topmount turbo Garrett GT3076R 1.06A/R @ 1 bar / 14.7psi

1972 240z rb25 gt3076r
A quick video i put together using the gopro software. 1972 240z rb25 gt3076r turbo. follow on instagram Lookitzrich