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GT3076R Spool demonstration

Nissan Skyline R33 GTS25t with internally gated .82a/r Garrett GT3076R on a stock RB25 running stock internals, stock intake and Exhaust manifold and currently a soft tune due to Boost control not yet being stable enough to hit the Dyno with


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R33 RB25DET GT3076R(3037S) 262.4RWKW
My R33 Skyline on the Dyno at horsepower In a Box, after I had a few mods done. The run before it pulled 265RWKW, he then turned the Dyno off to remove the car. I asked if i could quickly record a pass (This one), but he forgot to turn the fan on, so no air was blowing over the FMIC/Radiator and into the engine bay. That may be the reason for the lower power number, but still above what i was aim for of 250RWKW. Same Video minus music during Dyno Run http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7lvJ5sS1PEo

GT3076R SRT4 vs. Skyline
GT3076R SRT4 vs. Skyline

Nissan Skyline R33 GTS25t GT3076r 60-200+
Back straight of Taupo Racetrack, NIMM 2011.

Rezlo S14 RB25DET GT30 11.6 1/4 mile in car
Stock internaled RB25

RB25 Gt3076r Dyno - 450whp@19.8 psi
This was with a 40/60 mix of ms109 and pump gas. I made 420whp on 91 octane and 17.8 psi of Boost. Car was tuned by myself with a ViPEC ecu. I wish my torque numbers were better. Setup(well the big stuff) - Mostly stock bottom end rb25 Gt3076r .82 256 cams with OEM spec lift Tomei valve springs Tial 38mm ViPEC ecu OS giken twin plate NOTE: STOCK headgasket STOCK coils STOCK oil pump drive STOCK pistons

RB25 GT3076r 10psi test run
FF to 0:35 to skip the boring stuff. Just testing out the new setup, doing quick pulls from 3200 to about 5k while datalogging to get a decent map going. I never put my foot down 100% down in this video. Spools 10psi by 3840 rpm. Getting used to driving the OS twin in the video as well. Gt3076r .82, conservative timing. 3'' straight-pipe Exhaust.

RB25DET GT3076R ghetto dyno 02
This is a brief video so people can hear the turbo spinning up. I took it up to about 4000rpm with a bit of brake on the wheels to create the feel of load for the car. The sound of the turbo whine actually shifts outside of the speaker of the mini camera I have so it appears like it goes silent up until you hear the bov release the air. This was a basic test to demonstrate to a friend as he helped change my suspension today. I have my MOT on tuesday so hopefully with the suspension it should all be okay :)

Peakboost Turbo rsx-s dc5 gt30r
Quarter throttle in my neighborhood, just got it done and wanted to hear the turbo spool... acura rsx type s with a peakBoost turbo kit gt30r.

twincharged ca18det supercharged gt3076r turbo toyota corona
ca18det, Garrett gt3076r 0.63 rear, Volvo 250Hp truck Supercharger, 'The Blower Shop' blower pulleys bolted to 'Ross Metal Jacket Tuffbond' harmonic balancer, Tial 44mm wastegate with 2" screamer pipe, 3" Exhaust from V-band dump pipe, Haltech E8 fuel and ignition computer, 770cc injectors, arias forged pistons, stock rods (damn), turbosmart B.O.V, blower by-pass valve(s), 600x300x75 F.M.I.C, 4.11:1 LSD, 265 rears on 15" chaser rims, silvia dash, CA18DET 5 speed, 5 puck ceramic clutch, LHS Boost gauge = turbo outlet, RHS Boost gauge = inlet manifold.

Stock RB25 w/ Haltech Platinum Pro R32/33 Plug in ECU
Nissan Skyline R33 RB25, stock motor, 550cc injectors, Master Power T72mm turbo, intake manifold upgrade, 3" Exhaust, Haltech R32/33 Platinum Pro Plug n Play ECU. Dyno tune session to come soon!

few street pulls in the gt3076r civic
a few street pulls of my civic on pump gas roughly 475whp this video of the dash is my red coupe.it has a benson sleeved b18c at 84mm cp 9:1, pauter rods, gsr crank. gsr head with a ton of portwork, ferrea valves, crower springs/retainers, itr cams. front mount turbo kit made at synapse motorsport with a gt3076r. .82 a/r Exhaust housing. the car has an LS transmission as you can see third gear goes to about 120mph@9300rpm. www.synapseturbo.com

95 Nissan 240sx S14SR, Garret GT3076R turbo. (Aproximately 430whp, not my car)
Engine Bay: - S14 SR20DET Blacktop VVT - Enthalpy Tuned for listed mods - Tomei Pro Cams 280in/280ex.(12.5mm lift) - Peak Performance Valve Springs - Tomei Solid Pivot - Tomei Rocker Arm Stoppers(RAS) - Garret GT3076R Trim: 56 A/R: 0.82 - Tial 44 External wastegate - Hybrid Dynamics top mount Exhaust manifold - Downpipe 3" straight back w/ V-Band w/ Hooker straight through muffler - SS turbo lines - Power Enterprise Head Gasket - ARP Head Studs - SplitFire Coilpacks - 740cc Injectors - Fuel PSI Gauge - APEXi S-AFC II - Z32 MAF - GREX Air Filter - Greddy Pulley set(Blue) - Greddy FMIC - HKS SSQ Blow off valve - Aftermarket Intake Manifold - KOYORAD Radiator w/ Silicone hoses - Flex-A-Lite Fans - Cusco Engine Mounts - Optima Red Top Battery relocated to trunk - Belts are fairly new -- Trans - ACT 6 Puck Unsprung - Nismo Slave Cylinder - B&M Short Shifter - VLSD Differential - Trans Mount Interior: - Full BLACK Interior - Original floor mats - Personal Steering Wheel - Works Quick Release - Nismo shift knob - Drift Button - Autometer Boost(A-Pillar) - PLX Wide Band - APEXi S-AFC Display - Heater Controls - Factory CD Player and Radio - Factory Sound system - Sunroof - Electric Door Locks and Windows Exterior: - '97 Kouki Conversion Front End - Origin Stream Front Bumper - B-Magic Sideskirts - Spec-V Rear Bumper from JSpec - Wingless Trunk - 20mm Wide Front fenders - Removed Antenna - HELLA Fog Lamps - VIPER alarm system w/ remotes Suspension/Brakes: - SSR Type-C wheels - Fronts = 17x8+25(Face 1) Maxxis MA-Z1 Victra's 235/45/17 - 10/32nd - Rears = 17x9+35(Face 2) Goodyear Eagle F1's 275/40/17 - 8/32nd - APEXi World Sports Damper (No Upper Mounts) - Subframe Collars - Z32 30mm Iron Front Calipers w/ new pads - Factory Rear Calipers w/ decent pads - SS Brake lines all around - Front and Rear Drilled and Slotted Rotors - Tanabe Rear RUCA, Toe, Traction Arms - SPL PRO v1 front Tension rods - Tanabe Sway Bars F&R - Nismo Power Brace w/ Ladder Bar - Rear Ladder Subframe Brace

GT3076 civic @ 25 psi, vitara pistons, mustang dyno 354 whp, 270wtq 91 octane GT3076r
Did a bit more tuning on the car and got about 32 whp more at pretty much the same Boost level. Changed the Meth injection mozzle to the medium sized one from AEM..instead of the larger one. The medium nozzle says 250-400 hp. still on 50/50 mix. also i gapped the plugs down in the 0.024 range running bkr7e plugs.

STI GT30R .63 A/R 3rd/4th gear spool
3rd and 4th gear spool from ~3300 rpm. I didn't start from a lower RPM, which would make it spool at an earlier ROM due to load, but it is not realistic.

GT3076R Evo 8 Vs 2010 Chevy Camaro V-6 Stock
(Camera Car Was The Camaro) showing off the evo then racing my cuzins 2010 Camaro stock old evo numbers was 370 there now im at 470 with e-85 (This is fucking around)

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