GT3076R Spool demonstration

Nissan Skyline R33 GTS25t with internally gated .82a/r Garrett GT3076R on a stock RB25 running stock internals, stock intake and Exhaust manifold and currently a soft tune due to Boost control not yet being stable enough to hit the Dyno with

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1.8T GT3071R Boost Response Test
6th Gear Worst Case Scenario Pull. = Excellent Spool! This is with the STOCK Exhaust MANIFOLD!, 2 1/4 inch Exhaust about 25 PSI Stock Internals. Pump Gas. Eurodyne 630cc Tune...out of the box nothing changed. This is ATP's New generation Eliminator 2 Kit, and it makes great power with a great tune.

RB25 GT3076r 10psi test run
FF to 0:35 to skip the boring stuff. Just testing out the new setup, doing quick pulls from 3200 to about 5k while datalogging to get a decent map going. I never put my foot down 100% down in this video. Spools 10psi by 3840 rpm. Getting used to driving the OS twin in the video as well. Gt3076r .82, conservative timing. 3'' straight-pipe Exhaust.

Nissan Skyline R33 GTS25t GT3076r 60-200+
Back straight of Taupo Racetrack, NIMM 2011.

RB25 Gt3076r Dyno - 450whp@19.8 psi
This was with a 40/60 mix of ms109 and pump gas. I made 420whp on 91 octane and 17.8 psi of Boost. Car was tuned by myself with a ViPEC ecu. I wish my torque numbers were better. Setup(well the big stuff) - Mostly stock bottom end rb25 Gt3076r .82 256 cams with OEM spec lift Tomei valve springs Tial 38mm ViPEC ecu OS giken twin plate NOTE: STOCK headgasket STOCK coils STOCK oil pump drive STOCK pistons