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GT3076R Spool demonstration

Nissan Skyline R33 GTS25t with internally gated .82a/r Garrett GT3076R on a stock RB25 running stock internals, stock intake and Exhaust manifold and currently a soft tune due to Boost control not yet being stable enough to hit the Dyno with


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Nissan Skyline R33 GTS25t GT3076r 60-200+
Back straight of Taupo Racetrack, NIMM 2011.

Skyline R33 GTS25t GT3076R
Setting up Boost control.. still running around 1bar. Hence wiggles. Not quite right yet

Unpacking Garret GT3076R Turbo kit

speed 6(gt3076R) VS skyline GTR AWD @ 15psi

RB25DET GT35R Dyno'd at 374.7 HP
Dyno'd at 374.7 RWHP on a Mustang Dyno. Series 1 RB25DET w/ GT35R, 44mm tial wastegate (screamer pipe), peak-performance top mount manifold, and much more. Tune with PowerFC at 12.75 psi

S14 GT3076R

Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-T 0-200 KM/H RB25DET Turbo
272rwkw Skyline

701hp S2000 From Hell-Part1
701whp S2000 tuned and built by T1 Race Development. Car has bone stock motor, tranny, and rear end. ***S2K never saw the 701whp in this video, highest hp was around 600whp against the GSXR1000*** All you haters that think its not really pushing out 701whp heres the Dyno video...faggots http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQst99sHUsc and the music is kanye west 808s and heartbreaks and linkin park, no more sorrow.

Stock RB25 w/ Haltech Platinum Pro R32/33 Plug in ECU
Nissan Skyline R33 RB25, stock motor, 550cc injectors, Master Power T72mm turbo, intake manifold upgrade, 3" Exhaust, Haltech R32/33 Platinum Pro Plug n Play ECU. Dyno tune session to come soon!

Audi A4 1.8t GT3076r 28psi 93 and meth
2003 1.8t A4 quattro 5 speed. 2 liter, AEB head, Cat valve springs, Schrick cams, GT3076r .63 a/r and Unitronic tuning.

Fastest Stock R33 Skyline GTS25T on youtube. ACCELERATION 0- TOP SPEED. NO MODS
Completely standard 1994 Nissan R33 GTS25T. zero to top speed run. NO MODS Done in the Northern Territory 2004 (before 130kph speed limit was introduced. There is a factory speed limiter that cuts in at about 190kph.

Carl H's RB30DET S14 walk around
Quick walkaround video of my personal S14 with an RB30DET installed in it. Video was taken of the car fully warmed up and at operating temperature, it can take 15-20 minutes to warm all the fluids in the car up fully depending on ambient temps. The loud clicking in the video is actually the injectors, they are super loud! Mods are as follows: RB30DET - Rebuilt by BlackBox tuning (std internals) RawBrokerage Crank collar Ross Tuffbond Metal Jacket Ballancer GREX adjustable cam gears (intake and Exhaust) ARP Rod bolts ARP head studs RIPS Racing Intake manifold Spool Imports external head drain HKS cast Exhaust manifold w HKS standard wastegate GT3076R built to HKS GT3037S specifications R32 rb25de head ACL Race Bearings OEM Nissan Rings TOMEI Valve springs TOMEI ProCams TOMEI Oil Galley restrictors (x2) TOMEI 'type l' adjustable fuel pressure regulator 720cc Greddy injectors Bosch 044 fuel pump Z32 maf N1 water pump N1 oil pump GREX oil sammitch thermo plate for oil cooler SETRAB Oil cooler Boost set to 14-22psi (14psi spring pressure) 3" turbo back piping Apex'i GT spec Exhaust HKS 200mm "mushroom" filter Stock Ecu tuned by BlackBox Tuning Greddy E-01 Profec Boost controller (doubles as wideband display) TechEdge WBO2 2A0 controller Defi Link gauges (oil pressure, coolant temp, EGT) Rb20det transmission (standard gearset) B&M short shifter (modified KA unit) R33 GTS-T automatic final drive (4.36) Q45 Rear differential cover (larger and finned) ATS DeftForce 2 way lsd Spec Stage 3+ clutch (585ft/lbs capable) Light weight flywheel Full R32 brake system (4pot f,2pot r) w working ebrake R33 Ebrake cables Q45 Brake master cylinder (1" bore) Stainless steel braided brake lines SPL parts solid Differential and subframe bushings Energy suspension Polyurethane bushings in all arms and hubs Suspension techniques swaybars (front and rear) Eibach prokit Tokico D-spec struts Tein front camber plates Cusco strut tower bars (front and rear) R32 GT-R Stock alloys (16"x8" +30) Nexen N3000 tires 245/45/16 Redline MT-90 in trans Redline 75w90 in differential Liquimoly's Lubromoly 10w40 MOS2 Engine oil Nissan Oil filter Redline Water wetter Pentosin Super DOT4 Brake fluid OEM navan side skirts and valences (no i will not sell them.)

Civic Coupe B18c GT3076R Cluster
1. Tacho Vid von 120-280

R33 skyline RB25 0-180km/h in 13 secs, 300hp atw
my silver R33 series 2 skyline. forged internals, stock turbo 13.5psi , mines ecu, custom cold air intake, FMIC, 3" turbo back Exhaust, made 302 hp at the wheels.

rb20det stock 17lbs 270hp
brocks first Dyno run with stock 240sx with rb20det on 17lbs......270hp

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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