GT3076R Spool demonstration

Nissan Skyline R33 GTS25t with internally gated .82a/r Garrett GT3076R on a stock RB25 running stock internals, stock intake and Exhaust manifold and currently a soft tune due to Boost control not yet being stable enough to hit the Dyno with

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Turbo Civic Coupe 400whp GT3076R B18c
*Early Summer 2012* 1993 Honda Civic Coupe Full interior, street car Stock sleeved, built B18c GSR engine. ITR cams, Built 4.785fd LS trans. Top-mounted Garrett GT3076R turbo. 4" DP - 3" Exhaust. Tuned on Hondata S300v2. 400whp @ 16psi (low Boost), 91pump, 3500ft above sea level. 2nd - 5th gear pull, then 3rd - 4th pull. Open downpipe, shakey Iphone4 on go-pro mount.

1.8T GT3071R Boost Response Test
6th Gear Worst Case Scenario Pull. = Excellent Spool! This is with the STOCK Exhaust MANIFOLD!, 2 1/4 inch Exhaust about 25 PSI Stock Internals. Pump Gas. Eurodyne 630cc Tune...out of the box nothing changed. This is ATP's New generation Eliminator 2 Kit, and it makes great power with a great tune.

Nissan Skyline R33 GTS25t GT3076r 60-200+
Back straight of Taupo Racetrack, NIMM 2011.

JDM Subaru STI ej207 garrett GTX3076 spool
ej207 cosworth cams Garrett gtx3076 devided 0.82A/R