Super SF2 Turbo HD Remix All Super Combos

Super Street Fighter 2 turbo HD Remix All Super Combos

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SF3 Third Strike All Super Arts
Street Fighter 3 Third Strike Arcade Version All Super Arts Combos Moves. Includes Gill and Shin Akuma. -notes- Shin Akuma was never completed fully but he is playable in the ARCADE version not "Online Edition". His Super Arts 2 and 3 are buggy but Super Art 1 is fine. He has only 2 colors and his air tatsu is glitchy. Shin Akuma does not have the KKZ Super Art that Akuma has. If you're wondering why some characters have new colors, it's because these are my custom made color mods that I made back in 2007 or 2008.. something like that. The colors are available for download on my mod site.

Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter All Super Combos
Twitter Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter All Super Combos Hyper Combos Super Moves Arcade Version

Street Fighter X Tekken All Super Arts Cross Arts
AcidGlow records every Super Art and Super Cross Art (Team Supers) in Street Fighter X Tekken on Xbox 360. It shows you the different animations for all characters if they start or finish the Cross Art (team super). These are all the characters available at launch date. Notes: - Vega can change the trajectory of his super art if you hold Up back or Up Forward. - Abel can delay his super by holding 3Punch (says this in the command list) - Hugo can delay his punch by holding 3Kick down as he runs across the screen.

Marvel vs Capcom 2 All Hyper Combos
AcidGlow records all the Hyper Super Combos in Marvel vs Capcom 2 on Xbox 360. Machinima Partner