Aston Martin One-77 Start-up & accelerations in Monaco

Here is a compilation of different videos I have made of this one-77 in Monaco. My facebook page :

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Aston Martin ONE-77 awesome Sounds!
Here is a video of ONE-77 number 18 I spotted in London recently. This car is Arabic and is one of the many Exotic cars in London after Ramadan is over. Subscribe: Supercar Scene: This car is from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and it is just stunning. It is Pearl White and features Red and black interior. I think those Colours go really well with each other and make this car look even more stunning. Flickr:

Samuel Eto'o Driving his Aston Martin One-77 in London!
This is a video of Samuel Eto'o, the infamous footballer who now plays for Chelsea FC, driving his £1.25million Aston Martin One-77 in the affluent area of Knightsbridge in London. He parks the car at Jumeirah Carlton hotel in Knightsbridge, and can be seen leaving the car. The valet then proceeds to turn the car around and park it in front of the hotel. An exclusive Vertu mobile phone can be seen inside the supercar whilst the valet is driving. Apologies for the shakiness of the video, it was my first time seeing an Aston Martin One-77, especially being driven by Samuel Eto'o! I struggled to contain my excitement! Please visit and 'like' our Facebook page for pictures! Enjoy and thank you for watching :) Please rate, comment, subscribe. ------------------------------------------------------------ Facebook: Camera: Sony HX20V

RARE Blue Aston Martin ONE-77 - Lovely V12 SOUND!!
There were 2 incredibly rare Aston Martin One-77's at an Aston Martin event very close to where I live which was cool. One was a white one which I saw at Vmax, but the other was a Latvian registered dark blue one with blue wheels which in person looked incredible! Damn they sounded good as well when they fired up the engines!!

LOUD Zagato Aston Martin Vanquish Sound!!
Is it one of the most beautiful sounding & looking car ever? Listen to that start-up and acceleration I had the luck to film in Monaco with 1 of the 99 Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato in the world! Follow me on instagram: @Fipeux My facebook page :