My Lotus Elan 26R by Rui Bevilacqua

Memories of a great season full of fun, driving a fantastic car, competing against more recent and much powered cars.

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Best Of Rampa da Falperra 2013 - Pedro Fins
Pedro Fins Lotus Elan

Rossfeldrennen 2014 - Oldtimer Bergrennen - Autos 48 - 51 - Lotus nächster Termin: 25.-27.09.2015 Rossfeldrennen 2014 - Oldtimer Bergrennen Berchtesgaden Autos 48 - 51: 48 Lotus Elan, 1969, 1600 ccm, 150 PS 49 Lotus 23, 1963, 2000 ccm, 150 PS 50 Lotus Elan Coupe S 3, 1968, 1558 ccm, 130 PS 51 Lotus Europe Special, 1972, 1600 ccm, 126 PS

Lotus Elan S2 -1965 - ''A New Life ''

HSCC Historic Road Sports 2012
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