My Lotus Elan 26R by Rui Bevilacqua

Memories of a great season full of fun, driving a fantastic car, competing against more recent and much powered cars.

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Rossfeldrennen 2014 - Oldtimer Bergrennen - Autos 48 - 51 - Lotus nächster Termin: 25.-27.09.2015 Rossfeldrennen 2014 - Oldtimer Bergrennen Berchtesgaden Autos 48 - 51: 48 Lotus Elan, 1969, 1600 ccm, 150 PS 49 Lotus 23, 1963, 2000 ccm, 150 PS 50 Lotus Elan Coupe S 3, 1968, 1558 ccm, 130 PS 51 Lotus Europe Special, 1972, 1600 ccm, 126 PS

Denny Zardo - Camera Car su Lotus Elan - Rijeka 2007
Denny zardo su una Lotus storica in un'avvincente sfida con la BMW M3 di Vardanega a Rijeka

Lotus Europa Powered by Cosworth FVA (1)
This vehicle is a Lotus Europa Type 46 (S1) modified to the Type 47 specification and fitted with Cosworth FVA, the 4 valves-per-cylinder twin cam engine. This engine is equipped with the Lucas mechanical fuel injection, producing 225 bhp at 9500 rpm. This particular engine, when tested on a dynamometer 10 years ago when this particular car was fabricated, produced a maximum power 202 PS at 9090 rpm with maximum torque of 126.7 lbft at 7400 rpm. The FVA engine had been the dominant engine in the F2 race category between 1967 and 1971. Enjoy engine start and sound from the engine. This engine uses a cam gear train system instead of a timing chain due to needs for higher engine speeds. Can you hear the characteristic engine noise resulting from the use of the cam gear train? This engine had developed into the famous DFV (Double Four Valve) grand-prix engine.

Lotus Elan 26R, Ecosse blue
Lotus Elan 26R with zero milage