Suzuki Hayabusa 08' vs. Banshee

Bashee dusted the 08 Busa

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Banshee Boy Triple Banshee from GA.
Banshee Boy Triple Banshee Test. It is a triple cylinder with a 4 speed transmission,

Original Turbo Busa vs Podos 16 mil Banshee (Banshee Wars)
The 16 mil Banshee had won the event and that set up a exhibition race between a turbo hayabusa 4 stroke. This was the original high resolution file I shot, edited and exported to a quicktime file.

2010 Coos Bay Labor Day Drags Triple Cylinder

Flotek 421 cub test launch
Jason testing the new powerjet 40mm lectrons and gearing on the Flotek cheetah cub drag bike