Valve Train for Racing Engines

Get more horsepower with this valve train setup by Decuir engine technologies.

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Valve spring 8500 rpm

Ducati Desmo Valve System
The Ducati Desmo Valve System was designed by Fabio Taglioni and is in part responsible for Ducati Motorcycle's spectacular performance. This animation illustrates how the Desmo Valve System works. Solid modelling and animation was done by Bluming Inc, and more information can be found at

Oil Pumps That Wreck Race Engines
Oil pumps with a big problem for competition engines. Groutaone official race gear found here

Variable Compression Ratio Car Engine: MCE-5 VCR-i
Innovative MCE-5 VCR-i car engine (Variable Compression Ratio - intelligent compression ratio management) offers a set of outstanding features, as this video shows.