Valve Train for Racing Engines

Get more horsepower with this valve train setup by Decuir engine technologies.

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Springless Valvetrain For Push Rod Engines!
New engine technology has arrived with this springless valvetrain system for pushrod engines. This breakthrough has been developed by Decuir Engine Technologies.

Valve Float
This is a video showing valve float in a running engine at high RPM.

COMP Cams How to Set a Valve Lash
Valve lash is the mechanical clearance in the valvetrain from the valve tip to the rocker in a pushrod engine using solid lifters. Watch as COMP Cams explain how to make lash valve adjustments with the proper tools.

F1 engine MGN W12 with rotary valves. F1 Motor mit Drehschieberinlass
Formel 1 Motor MGN W12 mit Drehschieber Einlasssteuerung F1 engine MGN W12 engine with rotary valves