16v caddy first start

the first start of my buddys rabbit truck. 1.8 16v running digi 1. built this from a bare chassis.

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Golf Caddy

Zapowiedź sesji zdjęciowej Caddy 1 by Texas

How To Live In A VW Caddy Maxi - A Mobile Home
A life of opportunities - living mobile is a short movie I now have made after getting over 700 000 views and comments on my first video "how to build a mobile home in 20 days". This movie is about how opportunities in life get to you by living mobile. I am an entrepreneur who thought I had to live in a house for making room for a lot of things. Today I live in a smaller car having a much bigger life. I visit exhibitions all over the world for marketing my new invention, dotons - the button cover. http://www.dotons.com The first video I posted got more than 440 comments from people asking about this life, and I feel I want to get back to you as promised with a new video showing you that you can create almost everything by just letting you know! I had no experience of how to make a van conversion but I managed. I bought a used VW Caddy Maxi (a longer VW Caddy) to get benefits such as easy parking, low fuel consumption and most important to pay as less for the vehicle as possible. I had no experience of a life like this. Some people I talked to told me the best would be to buy an already customized campervan. First of all I had no money to afford that, second I got this feeling that making my own van would feel so much better. When creating things I always seem to use parts not necessarily been made for what I actually will use them for. That way of creating makes me not saving time, but money. And I always feel having more time than money in my life - which feels so good. So instead of buying a sink at the campervan store, I go to IKEA to buy a stainless steel bakery dish - saving a lot of money. I find it very creative and enjoy to use things in different ways. Therefore this van is a low cost mobile home. Made with things you can buy from any local store, such as IKEA, Bauhaus etc. As I said I got a great respons on my first video, with now more than 700 000 views, and comments with questions about doing a better video, with more explanations and without "shaking the camera" so much. First of all I have to say thank you for all feed back I have got! I listened to what you felt, I made changes to improve the van, which I hope you will notice in this video. I enjoyed reading all comments(: You made me feel happy for being able to inspire and I will try to guide you through how I built the mobile office in another video with, as you wanted to have, more explanations and more "how to". Today I am travelling around in Europe. If you want to see more of this you are welcome to visit http://www.dotons.com I also want to say Thanks to all nice helping people at: www.volkswagen.com www.bauhaus.com www.ikea.com www.eloventab.se www.mekonomen.se www.dragsplat.se www.sunwind.se List of items that I used for building my van: Insulation/walls/roof/floor/doors: http://www.bauhaus.se/cellplast-s80-6... http://www.avego.se/produkter/isolati... http://www.bauhaus.se/osb-skiva-11x11... http://www.bauhaus.se/ek-3-stav-robus... http://www.bauhaus.se/probau-fogskum-... http://www.bauhaus.se/eton-176-gra-40... http://www.bauhaus.se/cascoflex-golv-... Electricity/Solarpanel/Regulator/Battery: https://www.blocket.se/uppsala/Hogeff... http://www.sunwind.se/product/show/?i... http://www.sunwind.se/product/show/?i... Fridge/Sink/Water tank: http://www.swedol.se/kompressorkylbox... http://www.ikea.com/se/sv/catalog/pro... http://www.bauhaus.se/vattendunk-25-l... Music: Guitar Sound, Clutter http://ronaldjenkees.com Kategori Människor och bloggar Licens Standardlicens för YouTube Nils

Sniper racing 16v caddy.
First time out with new motor.