2000 Honda Accord F23A

Short Clip of my 2000 honda accord F23a Coupe. Cold air Intake and Full Exhaust with a Stock muffler. ( I know its slowing down my flow) i dont calim this to be the fastest car, its no where near that. just figured with all the v6 coupe videos id throw one out with a 4cylinder. This is just the beginning for this car. thanks

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00 Honda Accord Intake Sound (Outside and Inside)
My 2000 Honda accord Intake sound Test revved outside and on inside. PS-Honestly, the suction isn't that loud, the camera is a little sensitive lol Mods so far: *Temporary* Spectre SRI Motegi R7s (215/16/45)

F23A Civic 0-100 MPH "Plateless" H2B *Brough Performance*
kit is available now! http://www.broughperformance.com/shop/ for details Testing "Blackie" out after adjusting a mount kit. 0-100 MPH For a stock motor the car isnt that bad! H2B "Plateless" adapter kits coming soon from Brough performance. www.broughperformace.com “Blackie” 92 Civic 4dr EX (BP Shop car) Full interior with full size spare Completely Stock F23A1 vtec with filter on 87 gas stock econo accord header/stock civic pipe LS tranny RedZone Race (Antioch Ca.) tuned 158whp 155tq Redzonerace.com Brough Performance “Plateless” F/H2B adapter #broughperformance #plateless #h2b #f2b

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2000 Honda Accord - cranks, no start, no communication (with ECU pinout) Check main relay first!
This is a 2000 Honda Accord 2.3 Vtech that cranks, doesn't start and has no communication. It has over 230k miles on it. Check the main power relay before chasing powers & grounds for hours. Also shown are the ECU pinout guide and the diagram for the main power relay.