300c SRT-8 on 24's with CUTOUTS!!! WoW

300c Srt-8 on 24's with DMHperformance.c0m low-pro CUTOUTS!!!........enjoy kids!

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300 C Molina and Gascon
My 300C.

300C SRT8 Electric Exhaust Cutouts, Oil Slick, Ejector Seat.
The Tork Minnies learn that some switches are best hidden. 2006 300C SRT8 with Badlanz electric Exhaust cutouts installed - These are cool

300c SRT-8 on 24's! Go BIG or go HOME!
My 300c Srt-8 on 24" Dropstars!!! My 06' early build 300c SRT-8 all options cept' dvd. So far i have an AFE Stage II, GSM fan/torque Mod, 170 Thermostat, Limo tint, C-tek pads, Clear sidemarkers, Luminics 9005 Fogs, Side SRT8 badges, shaved sides, Grip Tuning Chrome Grille, Dropstar DS03 24's, Pirelli 275/25/24 tires, LED tails. Coming soon: 8000k HID, Magnaflow hi-flo cats, LED interior, Viper 791xv alarm, Billet Tech emblems! Best quarter mile: 13.04 @ 108.9 with a 1.9 60'!!! on stock wheels with my Toyo Proxes 4 275/40/20's. Goin to drag again after the Magnaflow cats hopin for high 12's! Enjoy! SHOW AND GO! -Paul