X5 Battery Replacement E53 DIY Full Replacement Procedure

How to replace the battery on an X5 E53 BMW.

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BMW X5 Computer Reset Walkthrough (Trans. Failsafe Prog)
Reset the onboard computer to factory specifications to have your car running like new. This process cures the dreaded and common Transmission Failsafe Mode that disengages 1st/ 2nd gear making acceleration from a stop unbearable. Works on all 2003 to 2006 BMW X5. NOTE: Certain BMW models require you to add the last 5 #'s of your VIN not 4. This will make more sense once you watch my video. It's a key step in the process. Below link gives you access to a more in depth written walkthrough: http://www.ronstultz.com/knowledge/Documents/BMW%20X5/BMW%20X5%20-%20Access %20the%20Hidden%20Onboard%20Computer%20(OBC)%20Functions.htm

BMW X5 E70 X6 E71 Battery Removal How to DIY: BMTroubleU
How to remove the battery in a BMW x5 or x6 plus info on use for distribution box, rear fuse box location and pyrotechnical battery disconnector PLEASE NOTE I NO LONGER DO REQUESTS AS I DONT WORK FOR BMW ANY MORE BUT IM STILL HAPPY TO ANSWER QUESTIONS

Why You Should Buy A BMW E53 X5 And What To Look For When Buying One
Why You Should Buy A BMW E53 X5 And What To Look For When Buying, in this video i show why you should purchase a bmw x5 as the prices decline as they get older, https://www.facebook.com/nathansdiygarage https://instagram.com/nathansdiygarage/ https://twitter.com/nathandiygarage To see my other Channel "Nathan's MRE Click Below https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMs2FfbDhsK66j5eZzrdbHA To see my other channel Nathan's World Click below https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfW5woWbdKuXvv-pJJ6A_kg Send stuff to my PO box for products you want reviewed or for a shout out on the channel, Nathans DIY Garage PO BOX 115 Altenburg MO 63732

DIY- BMW e46 key fob battery remove/replace
This is how I fixed my key after it wasnt working well lately, it would work only few times and after i went to the dealer they told me I had to buy a new key for 230$...i said...HELL NO! so i found my way around and hopefully i can help you guys save some money too. good luck, be smart, be safe and... BE POLITE WHEN POSTING COMMENTS...thanks